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What’s it like to attend your first YCS?

March 8th, 2014

We asked a few people what it was like to attend their very first YCS.

Alan Sato and Ricardo Nogueira from Cuiabá – Mato Grosso had this to say (Mato Grosso is about 1,000 miles away from here): 

First impressions are really the ones that count and this is the best event I have seen.

It’s very well organized, with incredible prizes, and as a plus, receiving Legacy of the Valiant in Portuguese was a great surprise – it was worth the many hours of travel to see such a big event!

We are used to a tournament with 10 to 16 people and to see an event with more than 300 is unforgettable!

Alan (left), Ricardo (right)

Alan (left), Ricardo (right)

Pedro Ernesto (Dragon Duel Player)       São Paulo – São Paulo

I am very excited to take part in the Dragon Duel. I am 11 and have never seen so many Duelists at the same event.

I did not participate in the main event because I rather play faster tournaments and I wanted to take the opportunity to do some trading. I bought a booster at the event and I can’t wait to start the Dragon Duel.



Paulo Roberto (Bounty Player)                  Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro

I am very happy to be part of this special moment in the world of Dueling in Brazil. The importance of this tournament for the market and the number of players that were chosen as Bounty was something I never expected.

Also, I was very surprised to receive Legacy of the Valiant boosters in Portuguese. This is a historical moment for Brazil.



Breno Henrique e Nilton                              Itapetininga – São Paulo

When I found out on yugioh-card.com that there would be a YCS in São Paulo, I started to convince my father to take me to the event. I couldn’t miss this opportunity that I thought I would only see outside my country and that I had always dreamt of being a part of.

It is very important to see so many different Decks and opponents, since in our city there are no stores that sell cards and we only play at our friends’ houses to practice!

We hope to see more tournaments of this kind here!

Breno (left) and Dad

Breno (left) and Dad

We hope to bring more tournaments to Brazil too!  And thanks Dad for bringing Breno to our very first YCS in Brazil!