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Dragon Duel Feature Match: Steve Zepeda Versus Michael Marrero

April 13th, 2014

It’s the final round of Dragon Duels! Philadelphia Duelist Steve Zepeda is undefeated so far, using his Bujin Deck. He’s facing off against local Duelist Michael Marrero, who’s harnessed the awesome power of Exodia the Forbidden One! Can Zepeda’s slower paced strategy win before Marrero accumulates all five Exodia pieces?

Duel 1

Marrero began with a hand of Upstart Goblin, Cup of Ace, Cards of Consonance, One Day of Peace, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, and Right Leg of the Forbidden One. Two pieces already! He used One Day of Peace to draw Reckless Greed. He Set that, then played Cup of Ace – he lost the coin flip, so Zepeda got to draw two cards. Upstart Goblin came last, giving him Right Arm of the Forbidden One.

photo 4

Zepeda Set two back row cards, then Normal Summoned Bujin Yamato. He couldn’t do damage due to One Day of Peace, so he ended his turn. Bujin Yamato’s effect gave him Bujingi Crane, and discarded Bujingi Hare.

photo 1

Marrero drew The White Stone of Legend! He discarded it for Cards of Consonance, drawing Trade-In and Cards of Consonance! White Stone’s effect added Blue-Eyes White Dragon to his hand, and he discarded it with Trade-In, now drawing another Blue-Eyes White Dragon and White Stone. He played Cards of Consonance and discarded White Stone, drawing Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Waboku! Unfortunately, that was his third Blue-Eyes, so White Stone gave him no free card. He flipped Reckless Greed to draw Dark World Dealings and Hope for Escape. He Set Hope, then used Dark World Dealings to draw another Hope, discarding Blue-Eyes. Zepeda discarded Upstart Goblin. Marrero Set his second copy of Hope for Escape.

Zepeda Normal Summoned Bujingi Crane, and Marrero protected himself with Waboku. Yamato added Bujingi Turtle to his hand, then discarded it. In the End Phase, Marrero flipped Hope for Escape, then Chained his second copy. He drew Royal Magical Library and Cup of Ace.

photo 2

Marrero skipped his Draw Phase due to Reckless Greed. He tried to Normal Summon the Library, but lost it to Solemn Warning. He tried Cup of Ace again, but lost the coin flip yet again!

Zepeda Normal Summoned Bujin Mikazuchi and Set a card to his back row. Crane, Yamato, and Mikazuchi all attacked directly, leaving Marrero with 700 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Zepeda Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy, and its effect dealt the final blow!

Marrero can’t successfully resolve a Cup of Ace to save his life, and it comes back to punish him! Zepeda was able to easily keep Summoning monsters and deal damage quickly.

Duel 2

Marrero began this time with 2 Cards of Consonance, Trade-In, Reckless Greed, Exodia the Forbidden One, and Left Leg of the Forbidden One. He Set Reckless Greed.

Zepeda used Pot of Duality, revealing Bujin Mikazuchi, Memory of an Adversary, and Mind Crush. He chose Mind Crush, a powerful choice against a strategy like Marrero’s. He Set three back row cards, then Normal Summoned Bujingi Quilin. Quilin attacked directly.

Marrero drew Hope for Escape and Set it. Reckless Greed gave him Pot of Duality and Royal Magical Library. He Summoned the Library, then used Pot of Duality to reveal Reckless Greed, Waboku, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He chose the Blue-Eyes, and discarded it with Trade-In. He drew Cup of Ace and Right Leg of the Forbidden One. He activated the Cup of Ace, and finally won the coin flip! He drew Waboku and Trade-In. (He forgot to activate Royal Magical Library!)

Zepeda destroyed Royal Magical Library in battle next turn.

Marrero skipped his Draw Phase, and passed.

Zepeda played Bujin Mikazuchi, and it attacked along with Quilin.

Marrero passed again.

Zepeda played Bujingi Hare, and stacked it with Quilin for Gagaga Cowboy in defense position. Mikazuchi attacked directly, but Waboku saved him. Cowboy dealt 800 damage, leaving Marrero with a mere 500 Life Points. He needed to win right now, or lose to the Cowboy next turn.

Marrero drew White Stone! He used Cards of Consonance to draw Trade-In and Upstart Goblin, then searched out Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He activated Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Zepeda Chained Mind Crush, naming Blue-Eyes White Dragon – he didn’t realize that discarding Blue-Eyes was a part of the cost of Trade-In. Thus, Marrero revealed his Blue-Eyes-free hand, and Zepeda had to discard Bujincarnation. Trade-In resolved, and Marrero drew Dark World Dealings and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He played Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes for Cards of Consonance and Hope for Escape. Upstart Goblin gave him another copy of itself, which then gave him Left Arm of the Forbidden One. Dark World Dealings gave him Cup of Ace, and he discarded Cards of Consonance. He tried the Cup of Ace, but lost the flip. He had four pieces of Exodia, but no further moves, and had to pass. Next turn, Zepeda’s Gagaga Cowboy finished him off!

photo 3

Steve Zepeda is today’s Dragon Duel winner! Tomorrow, he can come back to play the Sunday Champion for a chance to win the YCS Prize Card, Number 106: Giant Hand!