Introduction: YCS Las Vegas

April 12th, 2014

Las Vegas.  The gaming capital of the world.  A place where fortunes are made and lost on the turn of a card.  The City of Sin.  The City of Second Chances.  A metropolis ruled by Lady Luck… and this weekend, the King of Games.


Eight months ago, twenty-six Duelists from fifteen countries gathered here to compete for the ultimate prize, at the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championship!  This weekend Championship Dueling returns, as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series arrives right here, at the Cashman Center in downtown Las Vegas!  The new Advanced Format’s only twelve days old, but this competition follows hot on the heels of last weekend’s YCS in Mexico City.  There we saw Mermails, Bujins, Geargia, and Fire Fists square off in the Top 32, while rogue picks like Mythic Dragons, Evilswarm, and Raccoons reached the pinnacle of success.


While Mermails and Fire Fists were curbed by the latest Forbidden and Limited List, Geargia and Bujins were left untouched, making them the top pick for many players here in Vegas.  But asking around the tournament floor, some of the most proven and storied Champions of our time are innovating Fire and Water strategies.  There are some big new combos being spoken of in hushed tones; we’ll bring you those details as the day marches on.  Meanwhile, a number of YCS veterans are placing their chips on offbeat strategies like Spirits, Noble Knights, and Ghostricks.  Vegas is all about style, and we’re going to see some serious flash and flair in today’s Feature Matches!


With YCS Chicago just three weeks ago, and YCS Mexico City last weekend, the game is moving at a lightning pace.  Competition won’t be slowing down any time soon, and victory this weekend will go to the competitors that are smart enough, determined enough, and insightful enough to cast the dice and pick all the right horses.  With so many strong strategies and killer competitors in the hunt, what do you think will take home top honors?


Make your picks!  Place your bets!  And welcome, to YCS Las Vegas!