QQ: Top Decks At Your Locals?

April 13th, 2014

With the new Advanced Format less than two weeks old, there’s very little information out there about what to expect at a Championship like this one.  Duelist’s expectations for the weekend would in large part be influenced by the metagames at their local tournaments, so we asked players from all across the map what decks were big where they played.


“Bujins, Mermails, Fire Fists.” -Daniel Miller ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Crystal Beast, Dark Worlds, Fire Kings.” –Cameron Vanetti ~ Goleta California


“Bujins and Fire Fists.” -Josh Barahan ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins, Fire Fists, and Mermails.” -Reynaldo Lipota ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Geargia, Photons, Watts, and Dragunity.” –Kenneth McCarthy ~ Maywood, New Jersey


“Bujins, Fire Fists, Mermails.” -Ryan Dignum ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins, Mermails, Fire Fists.” -Monica Rose Mann ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Geargia.” -Sean Coovert ~ New York, New York


“Bujins, Fire Fists, Mermails.” -Rodney Garvey ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins, Fire Fists, and Mermails.” –Joshua Benjamin Marbure ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


No secrets here!  Bujins, Mermails, and Fire Fists seemed to be the three most popular decks in all the locals we inquired about, while Geargia were largely under-represented; a surprise given the high expectations for that strategy this weekend.  We’ll see how those local trends pan out this weekend, as the Rounds continue on and we start posting Top Table Updates.