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QQ: What Deck Will Take The Most Top 16 Seats?

April 13th, 2014

With a new Advanced Format upon us, everyone’s wondering what strategy will become the new Deck-to-beat at the top of the competitive mountain!  We asked a range of competitors in today’s main event to give us their prediction: which Deck will take the most seats in the Top 16 before the cut to Draft?


“Bujins.” -Daniel Miller ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins.” -Josh Barahan ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Mermails.” -Reynaldo Lipota ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins.” -Ryan Dignum ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Fire Fists.” -Monica Rose Mann ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Mermails.” -Rodney Garvey ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins.” –Joshua Benjamin Marbure ~ Las Vegas, Nevada


“Bujins.” –Cameron Vanetti ~ Goleta California


“Geargia.” –Kenneth McCarthy ~ Maywood, New Jersey


“Geargia.” -Sean Coovert ~ New York, New York


Bujins were the clear winner here, but sitting in Round 5 and looking at the top tables that might have worked against the Deck!  When one strategy’s widely anticipated to be the best, competitors Side Deck viciously to beat it, and that trend can turn a winning deck into a doomed entry.  Bujins are sparse at the top tables right now, but Day 1 is still young, and that might change!  Stick with us to see how it all pans out.