Round 5 Top Table Update:

April 13th, 2014

As the Rounds play on and the tournament continues, players with the best rankings are sorted closer and closer to Table 1.  The lower your table number, the higher your rank and the more successful your opponents.  A quick glance at the top tables can give you a good snapshot of the shape of the tournament, so here in Round 5 we took a peek at the Top 10 tables mid-way through Day 1.


Table 1:

Chancy Wigglestove with Mermails


Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza with Hunders


Table 2:

Enoch Sanz with Geargia


Larry Jesus Campos with Hieratics


Table 3:

Jessie Frias with Raccoons


Albert Vinageras with Fire Fists


Table 4:

Jonathan Nasca with Mermails


Jonhathan Sebastian Vazquez Herrera with Mermails


Table 5:

Patrick Hoban with Mermails


Randall Leavitt with Blackwings


Table 6:

Samuel Hsieh with Hieratics


Dawson Boger with Fire Fists


Table 7:

Michael Klasel with Geargia


Pete Navarro with Mermails


Table 8:

Evan Petre with Geargia


Tasuaki Yajima with Spellbooks


Table 9:

Theodore Chen with Fire Fists


Kenneth Haroldo Ramirez with Spellbooks


Table 10:

Brandon Wigley with Geargia


Jonathon Phillip Castillo Gomez with Geargia


No Bujins!  None.  None whatsoever.  Surprising.  Five of the twenty competitors at the Top 10 tables are running Mermails, and five more are playing Geargia.  Three are running Fire Fists, two each are playing Spellbooks and Hieratics, and Blackwings, Hunders, and Raccoons all took single seats.


We’ll stick with the top tables as Day 1 progresses, so stay wish us for more updates!