Round 6 Top Table Update:

April 13th, 2014

The big news in the Round 5 Top Table Update was the lack of Bujins at the top seats.  That trend’s continued here in Round 6, as Mermails and Geargia continue to be the two most successful strategies thus far.  Check it out!


Table 1:

Daniel Ignacio Dominguez with Spellbooks


Jonathon Phillip Castillo Gomez with Geargia


Table 2:

Rob Boyajian with Ghostricks


Albert Vinageras with Fire Fists


Table 3:

Samuel Duane Gilbert with Geargia


Denny Yu with Hieratics


Table 4:

Brandon Battee with Evilswarm


Patrick Hoban with Mermails


Table 5:

Danny Alejandro Linares Alarcon with Geargia


Larry Jesus Campos with Hieratics


Table 6:

Michael Klasel with Geargia


Samuel Hsieh with Hieratics


Table 7:

Edward Apaipong with Geargia


Alexander Mariscal with Geargia


Table 8:

Andrew Dung Van Do with Lightsworn


Chancy Wigglestove with Mermails


Table 9:

Jonathan Nasca with Mermails


Morga Adams with Harpies


Table 10:

Ramon Francisco Delgado with Geargia


Clayton Arvizu with Mermails


Here’s the breakdown!


Geargia: 7

Mermails: 4

Hieratics: 3

Fire Fists: 1

Harpies: 1

Lightsworn: 1

Evilswarm: 1

Ghostricks: 1

Spellbooks: 1


Geargia and Mermails remain the obvious frontrunners, but if this small sampling can be taken to suggest anything significant, it appears Hieratics are emerging as a potential standout.  Meanwhile numerous rogue strategies are in the running as well, many of which weren’t represented in the slice of the tournament we saw in Round 5.  We’ve seen tremendous variety in this tournament, and while it’s unclear if that diversity will continue into Day 2, the sheer volume of undefeated strategies right now may make Side Decking a challenge for all but the most experienced competitors here this weekend.