Round 7 Top Table Update:

April 13th, 2014

Here’s what’s at the Top 10 Tables in Round 7!


Table 1:

Michael Klasel with Geargia


Chancy Wigglestove with Mermails


Table 2:

Daniel Ignacio Dominguez with Spellbooks


Alexander Juneja with Mythic Rulers


Table 3:

Daisuke Canup with Evilswarm


Denny Yu with Hieratic Rulers


Table 4:

Danny Alejandro Linares Alarcon with Geargia


Alexander Mariscal with Geargia


Table 5:

Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila with Geargia


Rob Boyajian with Ghostricks


Table 6:

Ruben Perez with Geargia


Clayton Arvizu with Mermails


Table 7:

Lucas Tucker with Geargia


Brandon Battee with Evilswarm


Table 8:

Evan Petre with Geargia


Jonathan Nasca with Mermails


Table 9:

Jordan Holt with Geargia


Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza with Hunders


Table 10:

Tyler Sondhi with Mermails


Alberto Isidro-Saavedra with Hieratic Rulers


Here in Round 7, Geargia remains the number one most dominant strategy at the top tables, now filling eight of the twenty seats in the Top 10.  Mermails continue to chase Geargia as a fairly distant second, while the rest of the field is all over the place.  Check it out!


Geargia: 8

Mermails: 4

Mythic Rulers: 1

Evilswarm: 2

Hieratic Rulers: 2

Hunders: 1

Spellbooks: 1

Ghostricks: 1