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Round 8 Feature Match: Daniel Dominguez Versus Evan Petre

April 13th, 2014

For Round 8, we’ve got two undefeated Duelists from California. Orange’s Daniel Dominguez is here with the power of Prophecy. Evan Petre is from San Marcos, and he’s using Geargia today. Prophecy have taken a big dip in popularity recently, but Dominguez is doing great so far. Geargia, on the other hand, are one of the most popular Decks, and Petre is showing exactly why. It’s magic versus machines!

Duel 1

Petre led off with a hand of 2 Geargiarmor, 2 Geargiaccelerator, Book of Moon, and Mirror Force. He Set Geargiarmor, Book, and Mirror Force.

Dominguez played Spellbook of Secrets to start, searching for Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He Normal Summoned it, using its effect to add Spellbook of the Master to his hand. He played Master, revealing The Grand Spellbook Tower, to copy Secrets. He added Spellbook of Fate to his hand. He played Tower next, and Set three back row cards.

Petre drew Geargiano Mk-II. He flipped up Geargiarmor, and it gave him his third Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned two of them, and stacked them for Gear Gigant X. That gave him Genex Ally Birdman. Geargiarmor attacked Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and was held down with Fiendish Chain. Gear Gigant X attacked next, and Dominguez flipped Mirror Force. Petre used Book of Moon to save his Geargiarmor, freeing it from Fiendish Chain. Petre Normal Summoned Geargiano Mk-II in Main Phase 2, reviving Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned Birdman, returning Geargiaccelerator to his hand, only to Special Summon it once again. He stacked Geargiano Mk-II and Birdman for Ghostrick Alucard, and it targeted Dominguez’s last Set card. Dominguez Chained it: Reckless Greed. Petre Special Summoned his last Geargiaccelerator and stacked both of them for Daigusto Emeral. It returned Gear Gigant X and two copies of Geargiaccelerator to let Petre draw Mirror Force. He Set it.

Dominguez skipped his Draw Phase due to Reckless Greed, but used his The Grand Spellbook Tower, returning Spellbook of the Master to the Deck for an extra card. He Set two cards to his back row.

Petre drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He activated Alucard again, destroying Spellbook of Fate. He Flip Summoned Geargiarmor to grab Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned it and Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X, searching out yet another Geargiaccelerator. Daigusto Emeral returned 2 Geargiaccelerator and Genex Ally Birdman to the Deck, giving Petre Upstart Goblin. He played that for Bottomless Trap Hole. Gear Gigant X destroyed Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, then Emeral and Alucard attacked directly. Petre Set Mystical Space Typhoon, and lost it in the End Phase to Dominguez’s own Mystical Space Typhoon.

Dominguezz skipped his Draw Phase again, but The Grand Spellbook Tower returned his Spellbook of Fate to the Deck for a card. He played Pot of Duality to reveal Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Fiendish Chain, and Reckless Greed, taking the Spellcaster. He Summoned that, and it gave him Spellbook of the Master. Master copied Secrets, revealing a second copy of Tower, and Dominguez got Spellbook of Fate to his hand. He Set a single back row card.

Petre drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He activated Gear Gigant X to get a Geargiano Mk-II, then Normal Summoned it to Special Summon a second copy; and he Xyz Summoned Soul of Silvermountain! He used its effect, and Dominguez Chained the targeted Spellbook of Fate, turning his own Spellbook Magician of Prophecy face-down. It wouldn’t save him from all the damage he was about to take, though, and Petre’s field of Xyz Monsters wiped out Dominguez’s remaining Life Points!

Petre quickly takes the first win, while Dominguez can’t get enough Spellbooks going to do anything useful! Side Decking was swift, and the second Duel was quickly underway.

Duel 2

Dominguez started with Pot of Duality, showing Black Horn of Heaven, The Grand Spellbook Tower, and High Priestess of Prophecy. He went with Black Horn, and Set three spells or traps.

Petre started off with 2 Geargiarmor, Mystical Space Typhoon, Solemn Warning, Dust Tornado, and Dark Hole. He Set Geargiarmor, Typhoon, Warning, and Tornado. In the End Phase, Dominguez’s Dust Tornado destroyed Petre’s.

Dominguez used Pot of Duality again, this time revealing Solemn Warning, High Priestess of Prophecy, and Spellbook of Secrets. He took Secrets and used it for Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He Normal Summoned Justice of Prophecy next, and it fell to Solemn Warning.

Petre drew Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Geargiarmor gave him Geargiaccelerator. Geargiarmor attacked directly, then went face-down again. Petre Set his other Geargiarmor and Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Dominguez played the Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, searching out Spellbook of Secrets, which in turn got The Grand Spellbook Tower. He played Spellbook of the Master, revealing the Tower, to copy Secrets and grab Spellbook of Fate. He activated Tower and Set a third and fourth back row card.

Petre drew Upstart Goblin. He flipped up Geargiarmor into Dominguez’s Fiendish Chain, then flipped the second Geargiarmor. That one resolved successfully, giving him Geargiarsenal. Upstart Goblin was next, and Petre drew Genex Ally Birdman. He Normal Summoned Geargiarsenal, then turned his Geargiarmor face-down. Geargiarsenal attacked, and Spellbook of Fate banished it. In Main Phase 2, Petre Special Summoned Geargiaccelerator and combined it with the useless Geargiarmor, for Gear Gigant X. Dominguez finally flipped the Black Horn of Heaven he’d gotten at the start of the game.

Dominguez tried to use his Spellbook Tower, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon on the Chain. Dominguez destroyed Compulsory Evacuation Device with his own Mystical Space Typhoon, then played Spellbook of Eternity to grab Spellbook of Secrets. That gave him Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, which he played to grab Spellbook of Power. He stacked his two Magicians for Shining Elf, and activated Spellbook of Power on it. Shining Elf destroyed Geargiarmor in battle. Petre got Geargiano Mk-II with Geargiarmor’s effect, and Dominguez got The Grand Spellbook Tower with his Spellbook of Power effect. He played Tower to finish.

Petre drew DNA Surgery. Dark Hole destroyed Shining Elf, then Geargiano Mk-II revived Geargiaccelerator. Petre returned Geargiaccelerator for Genex Ally Birdman, and Dominguez used Book of Moon to flip Geargiano Mk-II face-down. Petre had no other moves but to attack and Set DNA Surgery.

Dominguez returned Spellbook of Fate to the bottom of his Deck for a free card. He Set two to his back row.

Petre drew a second Geargiaccelerator. He flipped up Geargiano Mk-II and revived Geargiarmor, then Xyz Summoned Ghostrick Alucard. Its effect targeted Dominguez’s Dust Tornado, which was Chained to destroy DNA Surgery. Alucard attacked directly, and Geargiarmor went face-down.

Dominguez used Tower yet again, this time returning Spellbook of Power. He Set a spell or trap.

Petre drew Call of the Haunted. Alucard destroyed a Black Horn of Heaven, then Geargiarmor gave him Geargiano Mk-II. He played it to revive another Geargiano Mk-II, but when he Xyz Summoned Soul of Silvermountain, it was destroyed by another Black Horn of Heaven. Petre Special Summoned both copies of Geargiaccelerator, and Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X. That gave him his final Gear Gigant X, and he Special Summoned it to make another Gear Gigant X! Dominguez was wide open, and Petre sent his Xyz Monsters to finish him off!

Evan Petre is victorious, thanks to Geargia!