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Round 9 Feature Match: Majid Khan Versus Jessie Frias

April 13th, 2014

Majid Khan is here from Lancaster, CA, and he’s using a Chain Beat Deck. This Deck focuses on cards like Wind-Up Rabbit and Evilswarm Thunderbird, which can Chain their effects to dodge card effects. His opponent is Jessie Frias, from right here in Las Vegas. He’s playing a Deck his friends affectionately call Raccoon City!

Duel 1

Khan used Pot of Duality to start, choosing Black Horn of Heaven over Evilswarm Thunderbird or another Pot of Duality. He Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and Set four cards.

Frias began with Mirror Force, Call of the Haunted, 2 Dimensional Prison, Baby Raccoon Tantan, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set everything.

Wind-Up Rabbit attacked, and Frias used Dimensional Prison. Rabbit tried to save itself, but the second Dimensional Prison banished it for good. He played a second Wind-Up Rabbit in Main Phase 2.

Frias drew Baby Raccoon Ponpoko. He flipped up Tantan, Khan used Fiendish Chain, and Frias destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon. Tantan brought Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest to the field, destroying Bottomless Trap Hole. He tried to Xyz Summon Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu, but lost it to Black Horn of Heaven. Next, he tried to Normal Summon Ponpoko, but lost that one to Solemn Warning!

Khan played Upstart Goblin, then Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. He attacked into Mirror Force, and saved Wind-Up Rabbit with its effect.

Frias drew Wind-Up Kitten and Summoned it. Kitten attacked directly for 300 damage, then Call of the Haunted brought Ponpoko back to the field. Ponpoko attacked, but Khan had Mirror Force!

Khan returned Wind-Up Rabbit to the field, then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Thunderbird.

Frias drew Junk Synchron! He played it to revive a Raccoon, and Synchro Summoned Frozen Fitzgerald! He attacked, and Rabbit and Thunderbird saved themselves, so Fitzgerald struck directly.

Khan returned his monsters to the field Set a back row card.

Frias drew Fiendish Chain and Set it. He lost Fitzgerald to Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Khan used Fire Formation – Tenki to search out another Wind-Up Rabbit and Summoned it. He attacked with everything, and Frias had only 1000 Life Points remaining.

Frias drew another Fiendish Chain and Set it. When Khan went to attack next turn, he had too many monsters for the Chains to stop them!

Majid Khan has taken the lead, never letting his monsters be destroyed through the entire Duel!

Duel 2

Frias began with a hand of Wind-Up Kitten, Mystical Space Typhoon, Baby Raccoon Ponpoko, Dust Tornado, Junk Synchron, and Trap Stun. Ponpoko came first, bringing Baby Raccoon Tantan to the field face-down. He Set all his Spell and Trap Cards.

Khan played Evilswarm Thunderbird, destroying Ponpoko in battle. He used Pot of Duality next, and Chained Thunderbird’s effect. Duality revealed Solemn Warning, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Fire Formation – Tenki – Khan took Mystical Space Typhoon. He Set four back row cards.

Frias drew Solemn Warning, and Thunderbird returned to the field in the Standby Phase. Khan used Compulsory Escape Device, Frias flipped Trap Stun, and Khan Chained another Compulsory Escape Device! Next, he Chained Evilswarm Thunderbird, so Frias would be the only one to lose a monster! Tantan had to be shuffled into the Deck. Frias Normal Summoned Junk Synchron to bring back Ponpoko, and Synchro Summoned Frozen Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald attacked, and Frias Set Solemn Warning.

Thunderbird returned, and Khan played Tenki, losing it to Dust Tornado. He Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit.

Frias drew Obedience Schooled. Khan tried to use Fiendish Chain on Frozen Fitzgerald, Frias Chained Mystical Space Typhoon, and Khan Chained his Wind-Up Rabbit and Thunderbird. Frozen Fitzgerald attacked directly.

Khan used Mystical Space Typhoon on Solemn Warning, then Set a back row card.

Frias drew Dimensional Prison. He Set it after Fitzgerald destroyed Rabbit in battle.

Khan Set a card to his back row.

Frias drew Obedience Schooled, and Fitzgerald destroyed Thunderbird. Khan couldn’t fight back from that, and conceded next turn!

Jessie Frias makes a comeback, with Frozen Fitzgerald dealing blow after blow! Frias was able to take advantage of the fact that Wind-Up Rabbit and Evilswarm Thunderbird leave the player’s Life Points wide open.

Duel 3

Khan started with two Upstart Goblins, then Pot of Duality to grab Compulsory Escape Device. He played Wind-Up Rabbit and Set two back row cards, then activated Black Garden!

Frias had Call of the Haunted, Mirror Force, Mind Crush, Baby Raccoon Ponpoko, Obedience Schooled, and Rivalry of Warlords. He played Ponpoko, and Special Summoned Baby Raccoon Tantan face-down. Khan got a Rose Token, and Frias Set all his Trap Cards.

Khan attacked with Wind-Up Rabbit, and Mirror Force forced it to banish itself. Khan played Thunder King Rai-Oh, giving Frias a Rose Token.

Frias drew Dark Hole. He flipped up Tantan, and Special Summoned Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest. It destroyed Black Garden, then Frias stacked Kalantosa and Tantan for Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu. Khan Tributed Thunder King Rai-Oh to negate Sandayu’s Summon, and Frias pressed on with Call of the Haunted to revive Kalantosa! He Xyz Summoned another Sandayu, but lost that one to Black Horn of Heaven! Frias’s Rose Token attacked to destroy Khan’s.

Khan returned Wind-Up Rabbit to the field, then played a second one. They attacked directly.

Frias drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He played it to destroy Dimensional Prison, leaving Khan with only one Set card – probably the Compulsory Escape Device he’d grabbed earlier with Pot of Duality. Frias activated Obedience Schooled, and Special Summoned The Fabled Cerburrel, Wind-Up Kitten, and Tree Otter! He used Cerburrel and Wind-Up Kitten to Synchro Summon The Fabled Unicore! Frias had one card in his hand, as well as Khan, so Unicore’s effect was applying. It destroyed a Wind-Up Rabbit in battle. Frias Set his Mystical Space Typhoon. At that point, Khan used Compulsory Escape Device and banished his Wind-Up Rabbit in response, getting rid of Unicore.

Rabbit returned, and Khan played Thunderbird. Frias flipped Rivalry of Warlords, and Khan banished the Thunderbird in response. Rabbit attacked directly.

Thunderbird wasn’t able t come back to the field due to Rivalry, and Frias Set Baby Raccoon Tantan.

Khan Normal Summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. Rabbit attacked Tantan, which Special Summoned Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest. It destroyed Bear with its effect.0

Frias drew and Set Dust Tornado.

Khan passed, unable to get over Kalantosa’s 1400 DEF.

Frias drew Obedience Schooled. Dust Tornado destroyed Forbidden Lance. He activated Dark Hole to wipe the field, then used Obedience Schooled to bring Ponpoko, Tantan, and Wind-Up Kitten to the field! He stacked the Raccoons for Shining Elf, and moved to the Battle Phase. Kitten attacked directly, followed by Elf. Kitten was destroyed in the End Phase. (Two turns later it was noticed that both Obedience Schooled and Rivalry of Warlords would have prevented this exact play, but by then the game state had been accepted and play moved on.)

Pot of Duality gave Khan Mystical Space Typhoon, which destroyed Mind Crush. He followed up with Neo-Spacian Grand Mole next, bouncing away Shining Elf.

Frias drew his third Obedience Schooled, and he Set it. He had no other monsters in his Deck to Special Summon with it!

Khan Set a card and attacked with Wind-Up Rabbit.

Frias drew Bottomless Trap Hole and Set it. Rabbit attacked him next turn.

Frias drew Dimensional Prison and Set it, then took another hit from Rabbit. He drew Fiendish Chain next, and decided to concede, knowing he had no Monster Cards left in his Deck to defend himself, nor a way to deal with Wind-Up Rabbit when his field was clogged with useless Trap Cards.

Majid Khan is the victor, thanks to Chain Beat!