Round 9 Top Table Update:

April 13th, 2014

Round 9 is sending Day 1 out with a bang!  Rogue decks.  Rogue decks EVERYWHERE…


Table 1:

Danny Alejandro Linares Alarcon with Geargia


Chancy Wigglestove with Mermails


Table 2:

Evan Petre with Geargia


Clayton Arvizu with Mermails


Table 3:

Daisuke Canup with Evilswarm


Michael Klasel with Geargia


Table 4:

Daniel Ignacio Dominguez with Spellbooks


Samuel Hsieh with Hieratics


Table 5:

Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila with Geargia


Farahbakhsh Hooman with Bujins


Table 6:

Lucas Tucker with Geargia


Joseph Hector Palega with Mermails


Table 7:

Niclaus Peter Tomlin with Mermails


Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza with Hunders


Table 8:

Majid Imran Khan with Wind-Ups


Jessie Frias with Raccoons


Table 9:

Scott Page with Geargia


Alejandro Galindo with Fire Kings


Table 10:

Mackenzie Franklin with Raccoon


Manav Dawar with Mermails


Geargia and Mermails are still duking it out for first place, but man… check out the breakdown!


Geargia: 6

Mermails: 5

Raccoons: 2

Wind-Ups: 1

Hunders: 1

Bujins: 1

Evilswarms: 1

Spellbooks: 1

Hieratics: 1

Fire Kings: 1


Raccoons!  Hunders!  Wind-Ups!  And so many more.  Two rounds of Swiss competition still remain tomorrow morning, and at this rate the Day 2 field looks to be more varied than any other Day 2 in recent memory.  Join us bright and early tomorrow morning as we close out the final Rounds of Constructed competition, and we see just how many of these mind-splitting innovators will make it to the playoff Rounds!