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Top 32 Feature Match: Majid Khan Versus Denny Yu

April 13th, 2014

Welcome to the Top 32! Only these few Duelists remain in the tournament. From this point on, it’s single elimination – a loss means you’re out! This will also be the final round of Constructed play, because the Top 16 and on are a Draft with Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2! This match will pit the controlling pace of Khan’s Chain Beat Deck against the explosiveness of Yu’s Hieratics!

Duel 1

Khan started with Wind-Up Rabbit, Dimensional Prison, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Compulsory Escape Device, Black Garden, and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. He played Rabbit and Garden, then Set his Trap Cards.

Yu Special Summoned Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, and Khan got a Rose Token. He played Hieratic Seal of Convocation to get Hieratic Dragon of Su, and Special Summoned it, Tributing Tefnuit. Khan Chained to Tefnuit’s effect with Compulsory Escape Device, returning Su to the Deck and giving up one Rose Token. Tefnuit resolved and Special Summoned Labradorite Dragon in defense position. Labradorite Dragon had 0 ATK, but the power of Black Garden can even divide by zero! Khan Summoned a Rose Token.

Khan drew Fiendish Chain. He played Bear, giving Yu a Rose Token. Rabbit destroyed the Rose Token in battle, the Rose Token destroyed Labradorite Dragon, and Yu flipped Skill Drain when Bear attacked. Khan Set Fiendish Chain.

Yu banished Tefnuit from his Graveyard and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from his hand, to Special Summon Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos in defense position, giving Khan a Rose Token. He added Influence Dragon to his hand with Tempest, then discarded Influence Dragon with Cards of Consonance. He Set a second face-down card.

Khan drew Forbidden Lance. He returned Blaster to the hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device, then attacked with Bear, Rabbit, and the Rose Tokens. He Set Lance.

Yu activated two copies of Reckless Greed, then used Cards of Consonance with Flamvell Guard for more cards. He had seven cards in his hand, and Skill Drain on the field, but only 1000 Life Points. He Special Summoned Tefnuit in defense position, and Khan filled his last Monster Card Zone with a Rose Token. Yu Special Summoned Redox in defense position as well, then Set three cards.

Khan drew Fire Formation – Tenki and passed. Yu flipped his third Reckless Greed in the End Phase!

Yu skipped his Draw Phase, then used Dragon Shrine to load his Graveyard with Labradorite Dragon and Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls. He banished the Labradorite Dragon and Blaster from his hand to revive Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, then searched out Flamvell Guard with Blaster. He combined that with Tidal for Stardust Dragon in defense position.

Khan drew Mystical Space Typhoon. Tenki gave him another Wind-Up Rabbit, then he moved his Rose Tokens to defense position. Wind-Up Rabbit destroyed Tefnuit in battle, now that it had Tenki boosting its ATK.

Yu skipped his Draw Phase again and passed.

Khan drew Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. He destroyed Skill Drain with Mystical Space Typhoon, then had Bear pitch Tenki to target Stardust Dragon. Yu Chained the Stardust’s effect to negate Bear, which is what Khan wanted! He Summoned Grand Mole, and bounced away Redox with its effect! Wind-Up Rabbit attacked, finishing the Duel!

Majid Khan controls the game from the start with Black Garden, winning even after Yu had played three copies of Reckless Greed! He only needs one more win to make it to the Draft portion of the tournament, while Yu will need to take two wins in a row. Hieratics are renowned for their explosiveness though, so he just might be able to do it!

Duel 2

Yu played first this time, with two Set back row cards.

Khan had Tenki, Bottomless Trap Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon, Wind-Up Rabbit, Pot of Duality, and Compulsory Escape Device. He played Pot of Duality, taking Torrential Tribute instead of Upstart Goblin or Needle Ceiling. He played Rabbit and attacked, then Set everything but the Tenki.

Yu Special Summoned Tefnuit, and Khan Chained Escape Device, then Rabbit’s effect! Tefnuit went back into the Deck. Yu tried to play Fencing Fire Ferret, but it was lost to Bottomless Trap Hole.

Khan drew Black Horn of Heaven. He played Tenki to get another Wind-Up Rabbit, and both Rabbits attacked directly. He Set the Black Horn.

Yu played Reckless Greed, then Cards of Consonance, discarding Flamvell Guard. Another Reckless Greed was next, then Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Khan’s Mystical Space Typhoon. He Normal Summoned Hieratic Dragon of Eset, then Tributed it for Hieratic Dragon of Su, losing it to Black Horn of Heaven. Eset still Special Summoned Flamvell Guard from the Deck. He knew Khan had Torrential Tribute face-down, since it was revealed by Pot of Duality, so he had to play this very carefully. He Special Summoned Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders from his hand, and Khan used the Torrential Tribute, saving his Rabbits with their effects.

Khan drew Pot of Duality, and used it to get Vanity’s Emptiness! He attacked with his Rabbits and Set Emptiness.

In Yu’s Draw Phase, Khan flipped Vanity’s Emptiness, leaving Yu to just Set a monster.

Khan drew Upstart Goblin and attacked with Wind-Up Rabbit, bouncing off Debris Dragon’s 2000 DEF.

Yu Tributed Debris Dragon to Normal Summon Hieratic Dragon of Su. He used its effect to tribute Eset from his hand to destroy Tenki, which caused Vanity’s Emptiness to destroy itself. Eset brought out Labradorite Dragon, and he Xyz Summoned Hieratic Dragon King of Atum. That brought Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the field, and he revived Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders! He stacked them for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, making two Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens. He revived Blaster next, then used Atum for Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. He attacked with everything, and Khan chose to save only one Rabbit to save himself from some damage.

Khan drew Escape Device, then used Upstart for Needle Ceiling. He Set both, then had Wind-Up Rabbit destroy a Mecha Phantom Beast Token. He’d be able to pull a great combo with both Trap Cards and Needle Ceiling to wipe the entire field, including Dracossack… except Blaster returned to the hand! That meant his combo would leave Yu with a monster, and he couldn’t survive. Khan conceded as soon as he Blaster had returned.

Denny Yu has evened the score! This is it – the winner here will move on to the Draft, while the loser’s road ends here.

Duel 3

Khan started the last Duel with a hand of Bear, Torrential Tribute, 2 Black Horn of Heaven, Escape Device, and Evilswarm Thunderbird. He Summoned Thunderbird and Set his Trap Cards.

Yu played Upstart, then Set a monster and four back row cards.

Khan drew Dark Hole. He attacked, and it was Fencing Fire Ferret, which destroyed Thunderbird.

Yu passed.

Khan got Pot of Duality, and used it to get Wind-Up Rabbit. It attacked directly.

Yu Set a fifth back row card.

Khan got Upstart Goblin, which in turn gave him Vanity’s Emptiness. Rabbit attacked again, and he Set Emptiness.

Yu Set a monster.

Khan drew Dimensional Fissure. In the Draw Phase, he played Escape Device, then Chained Wind-Up Rabbit, but Yu Chained Skill Drain! Rabbit and Yu’s face-down monster were returned to the Deck. Khan Summoned Bear and attacked, then played Dimensional Fissure.

Yu flipped Reckless Greed, then Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Dimensional Fissure. He played Cards of Consonance next, discarding Flamvell Guard, then used an Upstart Goblin. He flipped a second Reckless Greed, then banished Flamvell Guard and Fencing Fire Ferret for Blaster, but Khan Chained Vanity’s Emptiness. Yu Normal Summoned Fencing Fire Ferret and destroyed Bear in battle, which caused Vanity’s Emptiness to self-destruct. Yu Set two back row cards.

Khan drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Set it, and Yu flipped his third Reckless Greed!

Yu skipped his Draw Phase, then Normal Summoned Hieratic Dragon of Eset. With its effect negated by Skill Drain, it was at 1900 ATK. Eset and Ferret attacked directly.

Khan drew Wind-Up Rabbit. He wiped the field with Dark Hole, then Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit to attack directly. Yu was down to 2200 Life Points, while Khan had 5800.

Yu banished Tempest from his hand and Ferret from the Graveyard to Summon Blaster, and Tempest let him search out Influence Dragon. He discarded it with Cards of Consonance, then used Dragon Shrine to put Labradorite Dragon and Redox in the Graveyard. Blaster attacked Wind-Up Rabbit, and Khan activated Mystical Space Typhoon on Skill Drain. Yu Chained two Typhoons of his own to hit Black Horn of Heaven and Torrential Tribute. With Skill Drain gone, Wind-Up Rabbit banished itself. In Main Phase 2, Yu revived Redox. He Xyz Summoned Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, and lost it to Black Horn of Heaven. He Normal Summoned Eset and Set one back row card.

Khan had no cards whatsoever, but he drew Dimensional Prison and returned Wind-Up Rabbit to the field. Rabbit destroyed Eset in battle, and he Set Prison.

Yu revived Redox, banishing Blaster, and searched out Flamvell Guard. He used them to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon and blew away Dimensional Prison! He Special Summoned Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls from his hand, and wiped out Khan’s remaining Life Points!

Denny Yu is the moving to the Top 16, thanks to Hieratics!