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Top 4 Feature Match: Denny Yu Versus William Montes

April 14th, 2014

Only four Duelists were left in this tournament!  Willam Montes and Denny Yu were set to go head-to-head here in the Top 4, with the winner guaranteed to take home  copy of the Number 106: Giant Hand prize card!


Montes used his re-draw, getting a new hand of five cards to kick off the Match.  Yu had Reptilianne Rage; Sergeant Electro; Ape Fighter; Evilswarm Mandragora; and Pyrotech Mech – Shiryu.  He opted to keep his cards.


photo 3


Montes Set a monster.


Vu drew Gagaga Gardna and Normal Summoned Ape Fighter, equipping it with Reptilianne Rage, attacking to destroy Montes’ face-down Evilswarm Obliviwisp.  Ape Fighter gained 300 ATK with its effect.


Montes Summoned Sergeant Electro, attacked Ape Fighter, and blasted it with Shrink to power over it!  He ended with no backrow.  Was Montes completely deprived of spells and traps?


Yu drew Nordic Relic Laevateinn and Special Summoned Junk Forward.  He Tributed it for Pyrotech Mech – Shiryu, attacked to destroy Sergeant Electro, and Set Laevateinn.


Montes Summoned Luster Dragon, equipping it with Malevolent Nuzzler and Stim-Pack!  The Dragon went to 3300 ATK and Montes ran down Shiryu, destroying it in battle, but Vu flipped Laevateinn to rob Montes of all three cards!


Yu drew Tiki Curse and Set it.


Montes Summoned Mataza the Zapper, the card that won him his last Feature Match!  He tried to attack, but Vu blocked by Special Summoning Gagaga Gardna.  Montes Set a single card to his backrow.


Yu drew and Summoned Axe Dragonute, and attacked to destroy Mataza.  The Gardna made a direct attack for 1500 Battle Damage, and Yu flipped Tiki Curse for another 1800 Battle Damage direct!


Montes Summoned Heroic Challenger – Night Watchman and attacked to destroy Axe Dragonute.


Yu drew Big Shield Gardna and Normal Summoned Evilswarm Mandragora.  He tried to attack with Gagaga Gardna, but Montes stopped the Battle Phase with Half or Nothing.


photo 4


Montes drew to two cards in hand and pitched Baconsaver to destroy Tiki Curse with Tribute to the Doomed!


Yu Summoned Big Shield Gardna!  Montes had 1900 Life Points, and Yu thought he had him, not realizing what Baconsaver does!  Yu attacked with Gagaga Gardna; Montes blocked with Baconsaver; and Yu attacked with Evilswarm Mandragora to destroy Night Watchman.  Big Shield Gardna made a direct attack, and while Yu had briefly bungled his plan due to Baconsaver, it was still over a turn later, as Montes couldn’t topdeck an out!


Denny Yu is one win away from a Giant Hand!


Montes had already used his re-draw, and Yu had Swallowtail Butterspy; Aye-Iron; Axe Dragonute; Card Trader; and Kunai with Chain.  He saw no reason to take a new hand.


Montes Set two cards to his backrow.


Yu Summoned Aye-Iron and boosted it to 2000 ATK with its ability.  He Set a Spell or Trap, Set another, and then activated Card Trader.


Montes Summoned Machine Lord Ur, equipping it with Malevolent Nuzzler to boost it to 2300 ATK.  Montes attacked Aye-Iron, Yu flipped Forbidden Dress in the Damage Step targeting Machine Lord Ur, and Ur dropped to 1700 ATK.  Montes had no response, and lost his Ur and his Nuzzler!


Yu drew and sent back his Swallowtail for a new draw.  He activated Aye-Iron’s effect again, boosting it to 2400 ATK, and Summoned Axe Dragonute to attack for 2000 Battle Damage.  He Set his last two cards to his backrow.


Montes Summoned Gogogo Golem and attacked to destroy Dragonute.  In the End Phase Yu Special Summoned Zoma the Spirit.


Yu drew Draining Shield and Card Trader’d it back to draw Evilswarm Obliviwisp instead.  He had Kunai with Chain and Enemy Controller Set.  He sent Aye-Iron to attack Gogogo Golem, but Montes flipped Draining Shield to block the attack and gain Life Points!  Yu smashed Zoma into Gogogo Golem, dishing out damage and destroying both monsters.


Montes Set a monster.


Yu drew Flame Tiger and sent back his Obliviwisp with Card Trader, getting Evilswarm Mandragora in its place!  A definite upgrade when he was looking to keep being aggressive.  He Summoned the Tiger, attacked with Aye-Iron to destroy Montes’ Set Baconsaver, then made a direct attack with Flame Tiger.  Montes was down to 4500 Life Points.

photo 5

Montes Set another monster.


Yu drew Big Shield Gardna and sent it back with Card Trader to get Nordic Relic Laevateinn.  He Summoned Mandragora, attacked with Aye-Iron to destroy Jurrac Gallim, and Yu discarded Laevateinn to keep his Aye-Iron on the field.  Montes Special Summoned Gallim back with Time Machine, Yu ran Mandragora into it to destroy both, and made another direct attack with Flame Tiger.


Montes drew to four cards in hand and Summoned Luster Dragon, attacking Flame Tiger.  Yu flipped Kunai with Chain, boosting his Tiger by 500 ATK.  Montes Chained Shrink, winning the battle!


Yu drew Ape Fighter and Summoned it.  He Tributed Ape Fighter for Enemy Controller, trying to take the game by taking Luster Dragon, but Montes blocked with Battle Fader!  Yu gave a huge and sudden sigh and handed the Dragon back.


Montes Set a monster and turned his Luster Dragon to Defense Position.


Yu drew Cursed Armaments and sent it back for Conscription.  He attacked Luster Dragon with Aye-Iron, and Montes blocked with Baconsaver.  Suddenly the tone had shifted.


Montes Flip Summoned Deep Sweeper, Tributed it for its effect, and Yu Chained the targeted card – it was Conscription, and it revealed Interplanetarypurplythornydragon of the top of Montes’ Deck!  Yu got to Special Summon it, killing all of Montes’ momentum and leaving him to do nothing but Set a monster!  Would the card that won Montes his last Feature Match backfire on him here?


Yu drew a card, sent it back, and got Ribbon of Rebirth.  He played it on Aye-Iron and attacked with Interplanetarypurplythornydragon to destroy Luster Dragon.  Aye-Iron took out Montes’ Set Mataza the Zapper.


Montes Set a monster and a Spell or Trap Card.


Yu drew Draining Shield and Sent it back to get Shocktopus!  He Summoned it, attacked Battle Fader, whiped out Montes’ Set Sergeant Electro, and then tried to attack with Aye-Iron, but lost the attack to Book of Moon!  Still, Montes had nothing off his topdeck next turn, and immediately offered the handshake.


Denny Yu wins a Number 106: Giant Hand and proceeds to the Finals!