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Top 4 Feature Match: Robert Boyajian Versus Brandon Wigley

April 14th, 2014

Only four Duelists remain! We saw Robert Boyajian win his Top 16 Feature Match earlier, and now he’s up against his friend Brandon Wigley! The winner here will have a shot at the title of Champion!

Duel 1

Wigley started off with Zombyra the Dark and four back row cards.

Boyajian had Medium of the Ice Barrier, Skill Successor, Hedge Guard, Samurai of the Ice Barrier, Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf, and Half Shut. He played Medium and Tetherwolf, which gave him a Mecha Phantom Beast Token. Tetherwolf attacked, and Wigley activated Half or Nothing! Boyajian chose Nothing, ending the Battle Phase. He Set Skill Successor and Half Shut.

Wigley picked up Medium to read it again. “This card is annoying,” he laughed. He Normal Summoned Hyper Hammerhead and attacked the token. Zombyra attacked Tetherwolf, and Boyajian used Half Shut to save Tetherwolf. Wigley Set a back row card.

Boyajian drew Mirror Wall. He sent Tetherwolf to attack Hyper Hammerhead, destroying it and putting Tetherwolf back to his hand. He sent Medium of the Ice Barrier after Zombyra, and Wigley activated Half Counter to win the battle, but Boyajian Chained Hedge Guard from his hand to save Medium. In Main Phase 2 he played Tetherwolf and got another Mecha Phantom Beast Token. He Set Mirror Wall.

Zombyra destroyed the token in battle, and lost ATK by its own effect. In Main Phase 2 Wigley activated Embodiment of Apophis, then Tributed Zombyra for a face-down monster.

Boyajian drew Graceful Charity. He attacked Embodiment of Apophis with Tetherwolf, and Wigley activated Ego Boost to win that battle. Medium attacked the face-down monster, and it was Archfiend of Gilfer! Boyajian used Skill Successor to get over Archfiend of Gilfer’s 2500 DEF, and Archfiend of Gilfer equipped itself to Medium. Boyajian played Graceful Charity. He drew Forbidden Chalice, Slate Warrior, and Covering Fire, then he discarded Samurai of the Ice Barrier and Covering Fire. Finally, he Set Forbidden Chalice and Summoned Slate Warrior.

Wigley played Blade Knight! He had no cards in his hand, so it had 2000 ATK. Blade Knight attacked Medium, and Mirror Wall cut Blade Knight down!

Boyajian drew Tasuke Knight and let Mirror Wall be destroyed. Slate Warrior attacked Embodiment of Apophis, but Wigley absorbed the attack with Draining Shield. Boyajian Normal Summoned Tasuke Knight.

Wigley Set his only card to his back row, then switched Embodiment of Apophis to attack position.

Boyajian drew Photon Wyvern. He sent Slate Warrior to attack, and Wigley used Ego Boost. Embodiment of Apophis won the battle, but Slate Warrior gave it a permanent 500 ATK and DEF reduction.

Wigley activated Full-Force Strike and attacked, finally destroying Medium.

Tasuke Knight took down Embodiment of Apophis, and Boyajian Set the Reverse Glasses he just drew.

Wigley Set a back row card.

Boyajian drew Earthquake and attacked again.

Wigley passed.

Boyajian drew and Set Dimension Gate. Tasuke hit directly again.

Wigley passed.

Boyajian drew Tiki Soul and Set it. Tasuke Knight attacked again.

Wigley Set another card to his back row.

Boyajian drew Evocator Chevalier, and Summoned it. Wigley had no way to stop him, and that was it for the first Duel!

Robert Boyajian has taken the first Duel! One more win for him and he’s on to the finals! Wigley isn’t out of it yet, but he’ll have to take two wins in a row now.

Duel 2

Wigley began with Gene-Warped Warwolf. He Set two back row cards.

Boyajian started with Hypnocorn, Shard of Greed, Tiki Soul, Aye-Iron, Photon Wyvern, and Half Shut. Hypnocorn blasted Wigley’s Ego Boost, then he activated Shard of Greed. He Set Half Shut and Tiki Soul.

Wigley Normal Summoned Bull Blader. Bull Blader attacked Hypnocorn and activated its effect to destroy it. Gene-Warped Warwolf struck directly.

Boyajian drew Hyper Hammerhead. He Summoned Aye-Iron and activated its effect, pushing it up to 2000 ATK.

Wigley played Chow Len the Prophet, with its effect declaring Traps on Boyajian’s Tiki Soul. He equipped Bull Blader with Gravity Axe – Grarl, and attacked with all of his monsters.

Boyajian drew D.D. Esper Star Sparrow. He used Shard of Greed to draw Blade Knight and Skill Successor. He Set Hyper Hammerhead.

Wigley used Chow Len on Skill Successor, declaring Traps. He attacked with Bull Blader, and it returned to the hand due to Hyper Hammerhead’s effect. Chow Len attacked but was blocked by Tiki Soul, and Gene-Warped Warwolf destroyed the Tiki Soul next. Wigley Normal Summoned Bull Blader again.

Boyajian drew Medium of the Ice Barrier. He Normal Summoned Blade Knight and used Skill Successor to destroy Chow Len in battle.

Wigley played Evilswarm Salamandra. It banished Chow Len to increase its own ATK. Bull Blader attacked Blade Knight using its effect to make sure it would go down. Salamandra and Gene-Warped Warwolf attacked next, and we’re going to a third Duel!

photo 3

Duel 3

Boyajian drew Skull Kraken, Evocator Chevalier, Medium of the Ice Barrier, Tiki Soul, and Half or Nothing. He redrew for Hyper Hammerhead, Earthquake, Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Mirror Wall, Shocktopus, and Bazoo the Soul-Eater. He played Lyla and Set his Trap Cards. Lyla’s effect sent Gogogo Golem, Dimension Gate, and Covering Fire.

Wigley played Helping Robo for Combat and used Cursed Armaments on Lyla. He destroyed it in battle, and Helping Robo helped him to fix his hand with its effect. He Set two cards to his back row.

Boyajian drew Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf and played it out. He Special Summoned his Mecha Phantom Beast Token, and attacked, destroying Helping Robo.

Wigley played Chow Len, declaring Trap Card, and locked down Mirror Wall. He flipped Embodiment of Apophis, then destroyed the token with it. Chow Len destroyed Tetherwolf next.

Boyajian drew Blade Knight. He Summoned up Bazoo the Soul-Eater, and it banished Lyla and Gogogo Golem. Bazoo attacked Chow Len, and Wigley used Half Counter to win the battle!

Chow Len called Trap Cards, but targeted Earthquake. Wigley played out Ape Fighter and attacked with everything.

Boyajian drew Slate Warrior. He flipped Earthquake, then destroyed Ape Fighter with Slate Warrior.

Wigley used Chow Len on Mirror Wall again, and Boyajian Chained it. He only had 1700 Life Points left, so he had to be as safe as he possibly could. Wigley Set a monster and moved Chow Len to attack position.

Boyajian drew Samurai of the Ice Barrier and Mirror Wall was destroyed. He played the Samurai. Slate Warrior destroyed Chow Len, and Samurai destroyed the Set Machine Lord Ür.

Wigley played Zombyra the Dark and destroyed Samurai of the Ice Barrier, losing ATK in the process.

Boyajian drew Shard of Greed. Slate Warrior destroyed Embodiment of Apophis. Boyajian Set Shocktopus and played Shard.

Wigley collided Zombyra with Slate, and Ranshin destroyed Shocktopus. It equipped itself to Ranshin, dropping it to 0 ATK.

Boyajian drew Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress. He played Hyper Hammerhead and destroyed Ranshin, thanks to Shocktopus.

Wigley played Goblin Attack Force, and it destroyed Hyper Hammerhead. Hammerhead’s effect returned it to the hand, where it would be safe, rather than in defense position!

Boyajian drew and used Shard of Greed, now with Aye-Iron, Hypnocorn, and Chthonian Blast. He Set Chthonian Blast and Summoned Aye-Iron, boosting it to 2000 ATK.

Wigley Set a monster and a spell or trap.

Boyajian drew Alexandrite Dragon. He played Lyla, and its effect destroyed Needle Ceiling. Aye-Iron attacked, and revealed Cyber Jar! It destroyed all monsters, then the Duelists revealed the top five cards of their Decks.

photo 4

Boyajian played Blade Knight face-up and Hedge Guard face-down, and Wigley played Evilswarm Salamandra face-up. Boyajian Set Curse of Anubis and Half or Nothing.

Wigley used Salamandra’s effect, banishing Chow Len and Cyber Jar to go up to 2400 ATK. He played Goblin Attack Force and put Gravity Axe – Grarl on Salamandra. It attacked, and Curse of Anubis turned everything to defense position. Wigley Set three back row cards.

Boyajian drew Tasuke Knight. He Tributed Blade Knight for Photon Wyvern! It destroyed Ego Boost, Needle Ceiling, and Butterflyoke! Photon Wyvern destroyed Salamandra in battle.

Wigley Set a monster and a back row card, and switched Goblin Attack Force back to attack position.

Boyajian drew Reverse Glasses. He attacked Goblin Attack Force with Wyvern, but Ego Boost let Wigley deal the final blow!


Brandon Wigley is moving on to the finals!