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Top 8 Feature Match: Elvis Vu Versus William Montes

April 14th, 2014

William Montes own his way into the Top 16 with Fire Fists, while we showed you Elvis Vu’s Mythic Rulers in Feature Match action several times over the course of the weekend!  But now the gloves were off, Constructed was over, and the Draft portion of the Championship was in full swing.  Montes has never drafted before, while Vu has drafted once.  This is practically a new format for both of these competitors.


Vu’s hand for the first Duel was Axe of Despair; Shrink; Swords of Concealing Light; Oracle of the Sun;  and Tribute to the Doomed.  Montes opted to keep his hand, but Vu used his re-draw, getting a new hand of Tardy Orc; Amarylease; Sergeant Electro; Power Giant; and Wattlemur.


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Montes opened with a Set card to his backrow.


Vu drew Dandylion and Summoned Tardy Orc.


Montes Special Summoned Cyber Dragon!  He equipped it with Malevolent Nuzzler and attacked to destroy Tardy Orc, hammering home 600 damage.


Vu drew Airknight Parshath and Set Dandylion.


Montes Normal Summoned Drillroid, attacked to destroy Dandylion, and when it Special Summoned two Fluff Tokens, Cyber Dragon destroyed one of them in battle.


Vu drew Mogmole.  He Tributed his Fluff Token for Airknight Parshath, ran it at Drillroid, and Montes’ one Set card was of no use: he lost Drillroid and Vu got Pot of Duality!  He activated it in Main Phase 2, revealing Riryoku, Hedge Guard, and Sergeant Electro.  He took Riryoku and shuffled the rest back.


Montes attacked with Cyber Dragon to destroy Parshath.


Vu drew Tribute to the Doomed and Summoned Sergeant  Electro, using its effect to lock down Montes’ one Set card.  He activated Riryoku, boosting Electro to 3000 ATK and cutting Cyber Dragon down to 1400 ATK.  The Sergeant attacked to destroy Cyber Dragon and Montes opted not to recycle his Nuzzler.  Vu Set a single Spell or Trap.


Montes Summoned his own Sergeant Electro, locking down Vu’s Set card and boosting his Sergeant with Stim-Pack.  It attacked to destroy Vu’s Sergeant.


Vu Set a monster and activated Nightmare’s Steelcage.


Montes Summoned Cardcar D, Set a second backrow card, and Tributed Cardcar D to draw two.


Vu Set a second monster.


Montes Set a monster.


Vu drew Adhesive Explosive, adding it to his hand of Amarylease; Wattlemur; and Power Giant.  He discarded Amarylease to Special Summon Power Giant.  Vu sent it to attack Montes’ Sergeant Electro, which had 1900 ATK at present.  It was destroyed, but that allowed Montes to Special Summon Interplanetarypurplythornydragon, and then he flipped Time Machine to revive his Sergeant Electro!  He lost his Stim-Pack.  In Main Phase 2 Vu activated Tribute to the Doomed, discarding Wattlemur to destroy Interplanetarypurplythornydragon.


Montes Flip Summoned Machine Lord Ur, attacking Vu’s face-down Mogmole with Sergeant Electro.  Vu revived it in Defense Position.  He then attacked into Legendary Jujitsu Master, losing his Machine Lord Ur to the Jujitsu Master’s effect!  It was spun to the top of his Deck.  In Main Phase 2 he Normal Summoned Playful Possum, then activated its effect, thinking he could destroy Power Giant with it.  The Possum only destroys itself, which it did, since Montes had activated the effect.  Montes then Set a second Spell or Trap card.


Vu drew Phantom Dragon, and attacked Sergeant Electro with Power Giant: Montes countered with Waboku.


Montes Special Summoned back his Playful Possum, letting Vu Special Summon his Phantom Dragon!  Montes Tributed the Possum and the Sergeant to Tribute Summon Dark Lord Desire!  It attacked to destroy Phantom Dragon, and in Main Phase 2 Montes used its effect to destroy Power Giant.


Vu drew Draining Shield, Set it, and Set Adhesive Explosive.


Montes activated Darklord Desire’s effect again, hitting Legendary Jujitsu Master.  He tuned it to Defense Position.  He Summoned Machine Lord Ur, ran it into Adhesive Explosive, which promptly stuck itself to Machine Lord Ur.


Vu drew Swords of Concealing Light and passed.


Adhesive Explosive exploded Machine Lord Ur, and Montes Set a monster.  He turned Darklord Desire to attack, and made a direct attack for 1000 Battle Damage.


Vu drew Axe of Despair and passed.


Montes Summoned Mataza the Zapper, attacked for 1000 with it, attacked for another 1000 since it can attack twice, and made a direct attack with Darklord Desire.


Vu was on the ropes – he drew Pitch Black Warwolf, Summoned it, and equipped it with Axe of Despair to boost it to 2600 ATK.  Vu attacked Darklord Desire to destroy it, dishing out 1600 Battle Damage, and Vu Set his last card to his backrow.


Montes activated Blustering Winds on Mataza, then attacked Pitch Black Warwolf.  In the damage step he flipped Shrink, allowing his weaker Mataza to take down the Warwolf and winning the Duel!


William Montes rides the double-attacking Mataza the Zapper to victory!  One more win would get him to the Top 4.


Montes did not use his re-draw for Game 2.  Vu had a hand of Swords of Concealing Light; Mogmole; No Entry!!; Oracle of the Sun; Riryoku; and Photon Wyvern.  He Set No Entry!!


Montes Set a monster.


Vu drew Nightmare’s Steelcage.  He Special Summoned the Oracle and Set a monster as well.


Montes Normal Summoned Drillroid and attacked to destroy Vu’s Mogmole, which instantly returned to the field.  He Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Vu drew Ancient Gear Golem.  He Tributed Oracle of the Sun and Mogmole to blow away Montes’ face-down cards: monsters and spells and traps!  Montes Chained Shrink, but lost his Evilswarm Obliviwisp.  Because it was destroyed, he could Special Summon Interplanetarypurplythornydragon.


Montes Summoned Sergeant Electro, using it to lock down Vu’s one backrow card.  He equipped Interplanetarypurplythornydragon with Stim-Pack, attacked with it to destroy Photon Wyvern, then made two direct attacks to drop Vu to 4400 Life Points.  He Set one card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Vu drew Evilswarm Heliotrope and activated Swords of Concealing Light, turning everything face-down to destroy Stim-Pack.  He Summoned Heliotrope, ran over the ‘dragon, and ended.


Montes drew to two cards in hand and Special Summoned Interplanetarypurplythornydragon with Premature Burial.  Montes attacked, but Vu stopped him with No Entry!!


Vu activated Pot of Duality, revealing Axe of Despair, Tardy Orc, and Deep Sweeper.  He added the Sweeper to his hand and shuffled the rest back.  He Summoned Deep Sweeper, attacked the ‘dragon with Deep Sweeper, and Montes once again had Waboku!  Vu activated Nightmare’s Steelcage in Main Phase 2.


Montes Set another monster.


Vu drew A Hero Emerges and his Swords was destroyed.  He Set A Hero Emerges.


Montes passed.


Nightmare’s Steelcage was destroyed.  Vu drew Shrink for his turn.  He Tributed everything for Ancient Gear Golem, then attacked Montes’ Set Drillroid, destroying it.


Montes Flip Summoned D.D. Warrior Lady, attacking and banishing it to remove Ancient Gear GolemInterplanetarypurplythornydragon made a direct attack.


Vu Set a Spell or Trap.


Montes attacked with the ‘dragon and Vu flipped A Hero Emerges, Special Summoning Airknight Parshath!  Montes continued the attack, but Vu turned the tables with Shrink!  The ‘dragon went down and Vu drew a card with Airknight’s effect.  Still, Montes kept the field under control: Nordic Relic Laevateinn destroyed Airknight Parshath.  In Main Phase 2 Montes Flip Summoned Sergeant Electro to lock away Vu’s Set card, and Normal Summoned Maha Vailo.


Vu Summoned Pitch Black Warwolf, attacked to destroy Maha Vailo, and ended.


Montes Summoned Heroic Challenger – Night Watchman and attacked, losing his monster but Special Summoning Interplanetarypurplythornydragon!  It attacked to destroy Pitch Black Warwolf, and Sergeant Electro attacked to finish the Duel, and the Match!


William Montes moves on to the Top 4, courtesy of repeated plays with Interplanetarypurplythornydragon!