Top Table Breakdown

April 13th, 2014

Now that we’ve gotten to the Top 32, let’s take a look at what Decks are doing well in the new April Forbidden & Limited format.

10 Geargia
9 Mermail
3 Mythic Dragon Ruler
2 Bujin
2 Hieratic
2 Fire Fist
1 Prophecy
1 Ghostrick Spirit
1 Fire King
1 Chain Beat

It looks like Mermails and Geargia are the two most successful strategies, taking up a good chunk of the seats. Beyond those, we have a wide variety of strategies! Mythic Dragon Rulers, combining Dragon Rulers with Mythic Tree Dragon and Mythic Water Dragon, have been quite successful today, while the Hieratic variants of Dragon Rulers had nearly the same amount of success. Beast-Warrior Decks like Bujins, Fire Fists, and Fire Kings were all represented as well, with 1-2 Decks apiece. A Prophecy Deck made the cut, along with some unexpected strategies like Chain Beat and Ghostrick Spirits.

So while overall Geargia and Mermail are the most represented Decks, there’s actually a very wide variety, with ten different types of Decks at the top cut!