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QQ: The Most Important Card In Your Side Deck

May 18th, 2014

The field this weekend is hugely varied, and that makes Side Decking a tremendous challenge; if you don’t know what your number one priority is, it’s really tough to choose the fifteen cards that are most effective.  With that in mind we wanted to find out what players felt were the most important in their Side Deck.  Here are the answers!


“Darkfall.  I play it for Artifacts.”  -Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott ~ District HTS, Maryland


“Debunk, for Dragons.” -Tyler Prinze ~ Albany, New York


“Mistake.”  -Matthew Budniewski ~ Albany, New York


“Full House, to wipe the Madolche players’ fields.” -Evan Fellows ~ Clifton Park, New York


“Debunk.  Using it for Dragons and Artifacts.” -Mark Anthony Velez ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Debunk, for Dragon Rulers.” -Jack Ran ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Rivalry of Warlords, for Madolche.” -Rolando Mora ~ Trenton, New Jersey


“Black Horn of Heaven – it’s great against everything!” -Gabriel Trevino ~ Rochester, New York


“Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo.  I play it for Mermails and Dragon Rulers.” -Andres Pinzon ~ Atlantic City, Georgia


“Debunk.  I play it versus Dragons, Mermails, and Artifacts.” -Mitchell Wentz Nouza ~ North Carolina