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QQ: What Are The Top Decks This Weekend?

May 18th, 2014

With Primal Origin rocking the competitive landscape to its core this weekend, we asked competitors in the main event which three Decks they believed to be the top three in contention!  While Mermails, Bujins, and Geargia reigned supreme in Regional Top 8s over the past few weeks, did Primal Origin change the competitive expectations?  We wanted to find out.


“Madolche, Dragons, and Geargia.”  -Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott ~ District HTS, Maryland


“Dragons, Madolches, and Infernities.” -Tyler Prinze ~ Albany, New York


“Cyber Dragons, Raccoons, and Crystal Beasts.” -Matthew Budniewski ~ Albany, New York  ~ Probably Joking


“Mythic Ruler, Artifact Variants, and Madolches.”  -Evan Fellows ~ Clifton Park, New York


“Madolche, Artifacts, and Dragon Rulers.” -Jack Ran ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Madolche, Bujins, and Dragons.” -Rolando Mora ~ Trenton, New Jersey


“Dragons, Mermails, and Evilswarm.” -Thomas Hiles Jr. ~ Millville, New Jersey


“Madolche, Artifacts, and Bujins.” -Gabriel Trevino ~ Rochester, New York


“My Gravekeepers!  Plus Madolches and Evilswarms.” -Andres Pinzon ~ Atlantic City, Georgia


“Madolche, Dragon Rulers, and Mermails.” -Mitchell Wentz Nouza ~ North Carolina