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QQ: What Will Take The Most Top 16 Seats?

May 18th, 2014

With the Top 16 Playoff Rounds now contested in draft play, the best constructed Decks of the weekend are those that win in the Top 32, carrying their pilots to the draft portion of the tournament.  With that in mind, the most successful Constructed Deck of the weekend is generally viewed as the one that wins the most seats in the Top 16.   We asked around, to find out which Deck players believed to be the handsdown best.


“Geargia.”  -Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott ~ District HTS, Maryland


“Dragons.”  -Tyler Prinze ~ Albany, New York


“Cyber Dragons.”  -Matthew Budniewski ~ Albany, New York


“Mythic Rulers,” -Evan Fellows ~ Clifton Park, New York


“Probably Madolche.” -Mark Anthony Velez ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Madolche.” -Jack Ran ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Infernity.” -Rolando Mora ~ Trenton, New Jersey


“Dragons.” -Thomas Hiles Jr. ~ Millville, New Jersey


“Madolche.” -Gabriel Trevino ~ Rochester, New York


“Madolche.” -Andres Pinzon ~ Atlantic City, Georgia


“Mermails.” -Mitchell Wentz Nouza ~ North Carolina


“The Madolche Deck.  That deck is sweet.”  -Nicholas Ma ~ Jersey City, New Jersey