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QQ: What’s The Most Underrated Card Of The Weekend?

May 18th, 2014

There are tons of hidden gems this weekend, from Primal Origins, Dragons of Legend and beyond!  Innovation and the ability to stay even just one step ahead of the pack can often win Championships, so finding those strong and unexpected darkhorse picks can be huge.  We asked competitors what cards they believed were the most underrated of the weekend; here’s what they had to say!


“Number 103: Ragnazero” -Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott ~ District HTS, Maryland


“Evilswarm Ophion.” -Tyler Prinze ~ Albany, New York


“Cyber Dragon.” -Matthew Budniewski ~ Albany, New York


“Evilswarm Ophion.”  -Evan Fellows ~ Clifton Park, New York


“Wiretap.” -Mark Anthony Velez ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Trap Stun.” -Jack Ran ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Traptrix Dionaea.” -Rolando Mora ~ Trenton, New Jersey


“And the Band Played On.” -Thomas Hiles Jr. ~ Millville, New Jersey


“Number 103: Ragnazero.” -Gabriel Trevino ~ Rochester, New York


“Majesty’s Fiend.” -Andres Pinzon ~ Atlantic City, Georgia


“Breakthrough Skill.  It stops most Decks right now.” -Mitchell Wentz Nouza ~ North Carolina


“D.D. Crow.”  -Nicholas Ma ~ Jersey City, New Jersey