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QQ: Your Favorite Cards From Primal Origin

May 18th, 2014

With this being the kickoff weekend for Primal Origin, the new set is first and foremost on the minds of the competitors here this weekend!  We hit the tournament floor this morning to ask Duelists from all walks of life, locals and travelers alike – what are your three favorite cards from Primal Origin?!


“Madolche Anjelly, because I’m playing Madolche.  Traptrix Dio – solid support for the deck.  And Artifact Sanctum, because it’s a staple card for the archetype.”  -Jonathan Anthony Denzel Scott ~ District HTS, Maryland


“Madolche Anjelly – it makes Madolches live!  Sylvan Charity, because it’s Graceful that you can play at three.  And Evo-Singularity, a one-card Xyz.” – Tyler Prinze ~ Albany, New York


“Gladiator Beast Nerokius – Gladiator Beasts are my favorite deck! Madolche Anjelly too, it makes Madolches into a turbo strategy.  Evo-Singularity, too!  Makes Evols playable.”  -Matthew Budniewski ~ Albany, New York


“Bujin Hirume, because it makes Bujins turbo.  Evo-Singularity because ti makes Evols playable.  And Madolche Anjelly, because the consistency of Madolches rises heavily.” -Evan Fellows ~ Clifton Park, New York


“Number 103: Ragnazero, because it’s good versus Madolche.  Number 80: Rhapsory in Berserk because it’s in my Extra yet I don’t know what does.  Anjelly because it’s broke.”  -Mark Anthony Velez ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Madolche Anjelly – it makes Madolches a top contender.  Artifact Sanctum, since it creates many new options and it’s splashable in a lot of Decks.  And Artifact Moralltach, for the same reason as Sanctum.” -Jack Ran ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Traptrix Dionae, Number 103: Ragnazero, and Madolche Anjelly.” -Rolando Mora ~ Trenton, New Jersey


“Madolche Anjelly, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, and And the Band Played On.” –Thomas Hiles Jr. ~ Millville, New Jersey


“Majesty’s Fiend!  Its artwork is awesome and it has a great effect.  Number 103: Ragnazero; it’s awesomely good against Madolche.  And Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru – it gives life to an old deck!”  -Gabriel Trevino ~ Rochester, New York


“Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter; great effect!  Vampire Vamp – killer artwork.  And Majesty’s Fiend – One of THE best cards to Side Deck.”  -Andres Pinzon ~ Atlantic City, Georgia


“Madolche Anjelly, because it brings life back to Madolches.  Condemned Maiden, because it could be used in a crazy deck.  Bujin Hirume, since it can make Bujin so explosive.”  -Mitchell Wentz Nouza ~ North Carolina


“Anjelly – that card is ‘SWEET’!  Sylvan Charity, because it kicks butt.  And Bujin Hirume; it puts your opponent in a ‘hairy’ situation!”  -Nicholas Ma ~ Jersey City, New Jersey