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Round 11 Feature Match: Thomas Rowe Versus Marc Carisse

May 18th, 2014

Marc Carisse has been a standout Geargia Duelist since March, when he made Top 8 at the Oshawa Ontario Regional, then repeated with Geargia again two weeks later at the Chicago Regional.  Carisse was a proponent of Pure Geargia when Karakuri Geargia was still the preferred build, and rode the cutting edge of that trend as Pure Geargia took over – just as in recent Regional competitions, Karakuri Geargia have disappeared entirely here at the YCS.


But his opponent this round is former Dragon Duel competitor Thomas Rowe, now playing at the YCS main event level!  And Rowe is also playing Pure Geargia.  The deck’s become one of the most successful strategies this weekend, but we hadn’t seen a Feature Match mirror match yet in Day 1 or Day 2.  Now we were going to see what that looks like, as Rowe and Carisse were set to go head-to-head.


Rowe opened the Match with a hand of Breakthrough Skill; Maxx “C”; Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare; Geargiarmor; Wiretap;  and Geargiarsenal.  He Set Geargiarmor, Nightmare, Wiretap, and Breakthrough.


Carisse Set two cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Rowe drew Bottomless Trap Hole and Flip Summoned Geargiarmor, searching his Deck for Geargiaccelerator.  He Normal Summoned Geargiarsenal, attacked with Geargiarmor for 1100 Battle Damage, and dropped Carisse to 5000 with an attack from Geargiarsenal.  He Tributed Geargiarsenal in Main Phase 2 for another Geargiarmor, but Carisse drew a card with Maxx “C”.  Rowe turned his second Geargiarmor face-down and Set Bottomless.  In the End Phase, Carisse flipped Geargiagear: Rowe tried to shut him down with Wiretap and Carisse fired back with a Wiretap of his own!  That let him Special Summon Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II.


Rowe pitched Maxx “C” at the beginning of Carisse’s Main Phase 1, and Carisse activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card.  He activated a second Upstart moments later, then destroyed Rowe’s Nightmare with Mystical Space Typhoon.  With the Nightmare gone he confidently overlaid for Evilswarm Exciton Knight, giving Rowe another draw with Maxx “C”.  When he went for Evilswarm Exciton Knight’s effect, Rowe negated it with Breakthrough Skill!  Carisse Set one card to his backrow.


Rowe drew Needle Ceiling, now clearly in charge of the Duel.  He Flip Summoned one Geargiarmor to get a Geargiaccelerator, then flipped the next one to grab another.




Carisse activated the effect of Maxx “C”, and Rowe pressed through it overlaying his Geargiarmors for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.  He took Evilswarm Exciton Knight as an Xyz Material and made a direct attack, dropping Carisse to 3900 Life Points.  In the End Phase, Carisse had another Geargiagear, bringing out his next two Geargiano Mk-II’s.


Carisse Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X next turn, and Rowe blasted it with Bottomless Trap Hole.  Carisse revived Geargiano.  He fanned his Graveyard for a moment, searching for options and plays, squinting briefly and looking half perturbed, but not devoid of confidence.  He brought back Geargiarsenal, and when he Special Summoned Geargiaccelerator Rowe hit him with Needle Ceiling!  Rowe kept his Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, and Carisse conceded immediately!


Thomas Rowe takes a stunningly complete victory in the first Duel, dominating Marc Carisse – one of the most successful Geargia Duelists of the past several months.  Both Duelists really know what they’re doing, but Rowe had the privilege of playing flawlessly with a pretty amazing set of draws.  Carisse just seemed outmatched in his range of options, a point he confirmed in conversation while Side Decking: “I opened three Maxx “C” that game.”


“That’s not good,” remarked Rowe, sympathetic.


“No it’s not.”


Carisse started Game 2 with two Upstart Goblins and Set four cards to his backrow.  Still no Geargiarmor opening.


Rowe had two Geargiano Mk-II; Mystical Space Typhoon; Geargiarsenal; Fiendish Chain; and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare.  He Summoned Geargiarsenal, losing it to Bottomless Trap Hole.  Rowe Set three cards to his backrow.


Carisse Summoned Geargiarsenal himself and made a direct attack, then Tributed it in Main Phase 2 for a Geargiarmor.


Rowe drew Breakthrough Skill and Set it.  Carisse destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.


Carisse flipped his Geargiarmor face-down next turn, then Set a Spell or Trap Card.


Rowe drew Geargiagear and Set it.  Carisse had Dust Tornado for it in the End Phase.


Carisse Flip Summoned Geargiarmor, lost the effect to Rowe’s Fiendish Chain, and then Normal Summoned Geargiano Mk-II to Special Summon Geargiarsenal.  He Tributed Geargiarsenal to Special Summon Geargiano, then Tributed it for Geargiarsenal.  Carisse attacked with Geargiano Mk-II and Geargiarsenal, dropping Rowe to 5800 Life Points.  Carisse Set a third Spell or Trap, overlaid for Gear Gigant X and ended.  He lost his Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare to Rowe’s Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.




Rowe drew Wiretap.  He Summoned Geargiano Mk-II, and when Carisse activated the effect of Maxx “C” Rowe immediately scooped!  We were going to Game 3.


Rowe opened the final Duel with Geargiarsenal; two Geargiarmor; Geargiagear; Book of Moon; and Dark Hole.  He Set Book, Geargiagear, and Geargiarmor.


Carisse had to play through two Upstart Goblins again, before Setting four cards to his backrow.


Rowe Flip Summoned Geargiarmor to search Geargiaccelerator, flipped Geargiarmor face-down, and Set his next Geargiarmor.  He Set his topdecked Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare.


Carisse flipped Mystical Space Typhoon, targeting Rowe’s Geargiagear; needless to say, he Chained it, bringing out Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II.  Carisse responded with Torrential Tribute to wipe away all four of Rowe’s monsters.  Carisse had three cards in hand with two Set.  He Set a monster.


Rowe drew Black Horn of Heaven and cleared the field with Dark Hole, destroying Carisse’s Set Geargiano Mk-II.  He Summoned Geargiarsenal, Carisse flipped Bottomless Trap Hole, and Geargiarsenal was banished.  Rowe Set Black Horn of Heaven.


Carisse Summoned Geargiano Mk-II to revive his second copy, then blew away Rowe’s Book of Moon with Mystical Space Typhoon.  He overlaid for Soul of Silvermountain, and Rowe negated the Summon with Black Horn of Heaven.  He brought the Geargiano Mk-II’s back with Soul Charge!  Carisse overlaid the same two Xyz Materials, this time for Ghostrick Alucard, trying to destroy Rowe’s face-down, but losing out to the targeted card: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare!


Rowe drew Geargiaccelerator.  He now had two copies in hand as his only cards, so he Summoned both! Carisse played his last card, another Maxx “C”.  Rowe just attacked with one of the Geargiaccelerators.


Carisse drew and Set a card to his backrow, now topdecking.


Rowe drew Geargiarmor!  He attacked with both Geargiaccelerators to drop Carisse to 1800 Life Points, and Set Geargiarmor in Main Phase 2.


Carisse Set another card to his backrow.


Rowe drew Solemn Warning and flipped Geargiarmor to get Geargiano Mk-II.  He Summoned it, which seemed bold in the face of… sure enough, Needle Ceiling!  Carisse destroyed everything!  Rowe missed the effects of his Geargiaccelerators due to timing conflicts, but did get to Special Summon back a Geargiaccelerator with his Geargiano Mk-II.  He Set Warning.


Carisse Set a monster.


Rowe drew and Set Mystical Space Typhoon.


Carisse Set another Spell or Trap.  Rowe destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon: Solemn Warning.


Rowe drew and Set Call of the Haunted.


Carisse passed, and in the End Phase Rowe revived Geargiarmor with Call.


Rowe drew Geargiagear and Flip Summoned Geargiarmor, searching for Geargiano Mk-II.  He Summoned it, then revived another copy.  He overlaid those for Ghostrick Alucard, but lost it to Black Horn of Heaven!  Rowe overlaid for Daigusto Emeral, and sent back two Geargiano Mk-II and one Geargiano to his Deck to draw Geargiaccelerator.  He Set Geargiagear.


Carisse drew to two cards with one monster Set.  He played another Upstart Goblin, Summoned Geargiano Mk-II and revived another.  He overlaid them and spent over a minute laboring over his choice, before going for Wind-Up Zenmaines in Defense Position.  He Set his last card to his backrow, and in the End Phase Rowe flipped Geargiagear to bring back his Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II.


Rowe drew Fiendish Chain and used Daigusto Emeral again, sending back a Geargiano Mk-II and two Geargiaccelerator to draw Mystical Space Typhoon.  He activated it, and Carisse Chained Dust Tornado to destroy Rowe’s Solemn Warning.  Rowe made Gear Gigant X, detached to search Geargiarmor, then attacked Carisse’s face-down Maxx “C”.  Rowe Set Fiendish Chain and Geargiarmor.  There was no way Carisse was coming back from this.


Carisse drew to one card in hand with Wind-Up Zenmaines on the field.  He spun it to Attack Position, rammed it into Emeral, and moments later when Rowe flipped Fiendish Chain on it Carisse conceded!




Thomas Rowe moves on with a guaranteed seat in the Top 32!