Round 5 Top Table Update

May 18th, 2014

We’re at the halfway mark here this evening, so it’s a great time to look at the top tables and see what decks are sitting pretty at the top of the heap.  As the tournament progresses, the duelists with the best records are sorted towards the lower table numbers – competitors at the top ten tables at present are all likely undefeated, so we can get a quick glimpse of what decks are logging the best performances.  Let’s take a look at the match-ups going into this Round!


Table 1:

Jacob Smith with Inzektors


John Lockamy with Bujins


Table 2:

Nicholas Ramsammy with Bujins


Bradley Mclean with Artifacts


Table 3:

Alexander Muts with Mermails


Alexander Juneja with Traptrix Artifacts


Table 4:

Tyson Pan with Mermails


Brian Clarke with Artifacts


Table 5:

James Frazier with Traptrix Hands


Juan Argote with Bujins


Table 6:

Alexander Flamer with Mermails


Robert Pleines with Evilswarm


Table 7:

Andrew Pauer with Geargia Hands


Patrick James with Dragons


Table 8:

Nizar Sarhan with Evilswarm


Nicholas Horn with Madolche


Table 9:

Matt Kolenda with Geargia


David Wu with Madolche


Table 10:

Jovad Cruz with Sylvan


Caesar Rodriguez with Bujins


For everybody keeping track at home, that breaks down to…


Bujins: 4

Artifacts: 3

Mermails: 3

Madolche: 2

Geargia: 2

Evilswarm: 2

Sylvan: 1

Dragons: 1

Traptrix Hands: 1

Inzektors: 1


Bujins, Mermails, and Geargia continue to do well, just as they have in previous YCS tournaments this year.  But Artifact variants and Madolche are right there with them – two big decks emerging from Primal Origin.  Beyond that, a smattering of once-off decks represent a huge rogue presence that’s creating a massive wildcard situation in the main event.  We expected a wide and varied field coming into this tournament, and that’s certainly what we’ve seen so far.


We’ll keep bringing you top table updates round by round here in Day 1, so stay tuned to see how it all works out!