Round 8 Top Table Update

May 18th, 2014

The trends have continued!  Check it out: Artifacts and Geargia are still on top…


Table 1:

Victor Santana with Bujins


James Huang with Traptrix Hands


Table 2:

Reinaldo Diaz with Geargia


James Frazier with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Table 3:

Pasquale Crociata with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Nizar Sarhan with Evilswarm


Table 4:

Corey Roca with Evilswarm


Mark Conley with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Table 5:

Matthew Monahan with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Dexter Rodriguez with Bujins


Table 6:

Andrew Pauer with Geargia


Nicholas Palermo with Geargia


Table 7:

Terrance Kinsley with Madolche


Jakob Smith with Inzektors


Table 8:

Brandon Lipschutz with Evilswarm


Jonathan Aguero with Madolches


Table 9:

Edward Oehmler with Chaosworn


Joshua Lytle with Archfiends


Table 10:

Christopher Woolheater with Mermails


Marc Carisse with Geargia


The breakdown here’s pretty similar to our last couple Rounds…


Artifacts: 4

Geargia: 4

Evilswarm: 3

Bujins: 2

Madolche: 2

Traptrix Hands: 1

Inzektors: 1

Chaosworn: 1

Archfiends: 1

Mermails: 1


Again, Artifacts and Geargia are leading the pack, with Evilswarm and Bujins remaining a strong presence.  Rogue Decks are still a big factor, and the handsdown dominant Artifact build is the Traptrix Hand variant, building synergies with Ice Hand, Fire Hand, Traptrix Myrmeleo, and the new Traptrix Dionaea for maximum abuse of Call of the Haunted.  At the same time, that deck seems weaker in the Geargia match-up than the Fire Fist Hand Artifact variant we’ve seen drifting in and out of the top tables.  That makes this a deadheat race between Artifacts and Geargia as we draw closer and closer to the Top 32 cut tomorrow.


With nine Rounds of competition under our collective belts today, two more Rounds of Swiss tomorrow will determine the Top Cut!  We’ve got one more Feature Match and one more Top Table Update tonight, so stay tuned for that, and then join us tomorrow for more Championship Dueling!