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Top 16 Feature Match: Alexander Decolator Versus Jonathan Aguero

May 18th, 2014

Over 1400 competitors have been reduced to a field of sixteen Duelists, and now the game has changed!  Everyone still in the chase has left their Constructed decks behind, and will continue over the next four rounds of play with the Draft decks they just assembled over the past hour.  We saw Alexander Decolator chalking up Feature Match wins earlier in the tournament, but we haven’t seen Jonathan Aguero yet.  Interestingly enough, he’s actually the older brother of former North American Champion, Hansel Aguero.  Now he’s looking to add another Championship title to the family.


Aguero got the Match started with Shard of Greed and a Set monster.


DEcolator’s hand was Cyber Valley; Autonomous Action Unit; D.D. Esper Star Sparrow; Deep Sweeper; Luster Dragon; and Chthonian Blast.  He Summoned Luster Dragon, attacked into Wattlemur and destroyed it.  Decolator would have to skip his next Battle Phase.  He Set one card to his backrow.


Aguero added a counter to his Shard of Greed and  Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, attacking Luster Dragon to destroy it.  Decolator flipped Chthonian Blast, destroying Cyber Dragon and dishing out 1050 burn damage to each Duelist.  In Main Phase 2 Aguero dropped another Shard of Greed!  He Set another monster and ended.


Decolator drew Shield & Sword, Summoned Deep Sweeper, and used it to destroy the first Shard of Greed.


Aguero put a first counter on his second Shard of Greed, then Normal Summoned Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke.  He Flip Summoned Truckroid, attacked with it for 1000 Battle Damage, and then followed up with Sasuke to drop Decolator to 3950 Life Points.  Aguero Set a Spell or Trap.




Decolator drew Schwarzschild Limit Dragon and shuffled his hand a moment, considering his option.  One false step against that Truckroid could turn his imperiled position into a straight defeat, so he needed to be really careful here.  At the same time, Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke’s ability would keep him from Setting monsters.  He activated Autonomous Action Unit, dropping to 2550 Life Points to revive Aguero’s Cyber Dragon.  He sent it to attack Truckroid, destroying it and lowering Aguero to 5850 LP.  Decolator Normal Summoned Cyber Valley in Main Phase 2.


Aguero drew two cards next turn with Shard of Greed, going to four cards in hand.  He had one card Set in his Spell and Trap Card Zone, and still controlled Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke.  He Normal Summoned Herald of Creation, then flipped his Set Different Dimension Gate, banishing his Herald and Decolator’s Cyber Dragon.  Sasuke then attacked Cyber Valley, and Decolator banished it to draw a card.  Aguero Set a single Spell or Trap Card.


Decolator drew Copycat and took a moment to read his opponent’s Different Dimension Gate.  He Summoned it, attacked Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, and Aguero flipped Metalmorph!  Now on the losing side of the battle Decolator activated Berserk Scales, besting the 300 ATK bonus of Metalmorph by 700 Attack Points.  Sasuke went down, but at the end of the turn the Copycat would drop by 2000 ATK.


Aguero Normal Summoned Flame Tiger, attacked Copycat, and destroyed it for 1000 Battle Damage.  Decolator was down to 1450 Life Points.


Decolator drew Threatening Roar and Set it.


Aguero tried to enter his Battle Phase, but Decolator survived with the Threatening Roar.  Aguero Tribute Summoned Frostosaurus in Main Phase 2.


Decolator drew Gene-Warped Warwolf and fingered his Set Shield & Sword, before activating it to reduce Frostosaurus to 1700 ATK.  He Normal Summoned the Warwolf, swung over Frostosaurus, and ended.  But Aguero discarded Embodiment of Apophis for Back To Square One next turn to spin the Warwolf away, Summoned Evilswarm Ketos, and attacked to capture the first Duel!




Jonathan Aguero takes early control of Game 1 and follows through with a series of measured attacks, spinning his way to the win with Back to Square One!  He was now just one win away from the Top 8.


Decolator opened Duel 2 with a hand of That Wacky Alchemy!; Dark Core; Nightmare’s Steelcage; Mirror Wall; Time Machine; and Chthonian Blast.  He Set everything but Dark Core and Steelcage.  No monsters in sight.


Aguero activated Shard of Greed again!  He Normal Summoned Power Breaker, attacking for 1900 Battle Damage.  He shifted it to Defense Position with its effect, then Set two cards to his backrow.


Decolator drew D.D. Esper Star Sparrow, and pitched it for Dark Core to banish Power Breaker.  “Go ahead.”


Aguero placed a counter on his Shard of Greed and Normal Summoned Evilswarm Ketos.  He attacked, Decolator Special Summoned Star Sparrow to block, and Aguero attacked it.  Decolator flipped Mirror Wall to halve Ketos’ ATK to 875, dishing out 625 Battle Damage and keeping Star Sparrow on the field!  Aguero moved to Main Phase 2 and activated Ketos’ effect, destroying Decolator’s face-down Time Machine.  That cleared his field and let him Special Summon Cyber Dragon to finish out his turn.


Decolator drew Submarineroid and refused to pay for his Mirror Wall, letting it hit the Graveyard.  He Summoned Submarineroid, turned Star Sparrow to Attack Position, and flipped through his Set cards repeatedly, looking unsatisfied.  He made a direct attack for 800 Battle Damage with Submarineroid, thanks to its effect, and turned it to Defense Position.    He debated before deciding to end his turn, not attacking Cyber Dragon.


Aguero drew for his turn, then drew two more for Shard of Greed.  When he sent Shard to the Graveyard Decolator responded with That Wacky Alchemy! to destroy Cyber Dragon!  Aguero activated Back to Square One, discarding Wattlemur to target D.D. Esper Star Sparrow.   The Star Sparrow was banished by its own effect.  He Summoned Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, ran it at Submarineroid, and both monsters were destroyed.


Decolator drew Shield & Sword and passed.


Aguero drew Chow Len the Prophet and attacked, scoring 1800 Battle Damage.  Decolator was down to 3400 Life Points.




Decolator drew Spell Striker – not much help there; he really didn’t seem to have enough battle-worthy monsters to keep up.  He activated Nightmare’s Steelcage to try and stall out.


Aguero drew and Set a card to his backrow.


Decolator drew Nitwit Outwit and passed.


Aguero drew for his second turn under Steelcage, Set a monster, and ended.  Steelcage was destroyed.


Decolator drew Hyper Hammerhead. He Summoned it, activated Shield & Sword, attacked Chow Len, and destroyed it.


Aguero flipped Different Dimension Gate, banishing his face-down monster and Hyper Hammerhead.  He activated Embodiment of Apophis next, Summoning it as a Trap Monster and attacking for 1600 Battle Damage.


Decolator drew Breakthrough Skill, banished to Special Summon Spell Striker in Defense Position, then Set Breakthrough.


Aguero ran Spell Striker over with Apophis.


Decolator drew and Set Evilswarm Obliviwisp.


Aguero Normal Summoned Des Mosquito, placing two counters on it to boost it to 1500 ATK.  Apophis attacked into Obliviwisp, bouncing off harmlessly.


Decolator drew Axe of Fools and passed.


Aguero kept piling on the threats, Summoning Maha Vailo and activating another Different Dimension Gate!  Decolator immediately gave the handshake, and Jonathan Aguero was headed to the Top 8!