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Top 4 Feature Match: Chris LeBlanc Versus Bernardo Miranda

May 18th, 2014

Chris LeBlanc is the youngest YCS winner of all time, and now he was poised within striking distance of his second Championship!  Two more wins was all he’d need to join a distinguished few, but standing in his way was repeated YCS Top Cut duelist Bernardo Miranda!  Two more Matches would decide who was going home a Champion, but right here and right now, this Match would award the winner a copy of Number 106: Giant Hand!


Before we got started, Miranda opted to use his re-draw.  LeBlanc kept his hand:  Spell Striker; Goblin Attack Force; Exarion Universe; The Golden Apples; Destiny HERO – Defender; and Vylon Prism. He Set Defender and Apples.


Miranda Summoned Blizzard Dragon and attacked into Defender: Miranda took 900 Battle Damage.  He froze Defender with Blizzard Dragon and Set three cards to his backrow.


LeBlanc drew Reckless Greed.  He Summoned Goblin Attack Force, swung on Blizzard Dragon, and Miranda blasted it with Rush Recklessly… which… he must’ve thought was some other card or something. So yeah.  Goblin Attack Force ran over Blizzard Dragon extra hard thanks to that Rush Recklessly, and Miranda couldn’t believe he’d done that.  The Goblins went to Defense Position and LeBlanc Set Reckless Greed.


Miranda drew for Defender and Summoned Injection Fairy Lily and attacked to destroy the Goblins.


LeBlanc drew Embodiment of Apophis.  He Summoned Prism, turned Defender to Attack Position and ran it into Fairy Lily: Miranda boosted Lily to knock LeBlanc down to 4400 Life Points.  LeBlanc attacked with Prism, and Miranda boosted Lily again.  LeBlanc had 2800 Life Points to Miranda’s 1900.  LeBlanc Set Apophis.


Miranda Summoned Botanical Lion and poked for 400 with Lily.  Miranda pressed, trying to end the game by attacking with Botanical Lion, attempting to boost its ATK with Forbidden Dress… which lowers its ATK; it doesn’t boost it.  Miranda was clearly fatigued – two days of YCS competition can take a lot out of even the best competitors.




LeBlanc took the damage and flipped The Golden Apples, Special Summoning a Malus Token with 1300 ATK and DEF.


LeBlanc drew Malevolent Nuzzler and flipped Reckless Greed, drawing Hedge Guard and Invader of Darkness.  He Summoned Exarion Universe, Nuzzled it, and ran over Injection Fairy Lily.  Miranda kept himself in the game with Nordic Relic Brisingamen.


Miranda Summoned Cameraclops and attacked Exarion Universe, destroying it.  Botanical Lion destroyed the Malus Token.


LeBlanc flipped Embodiment of Apophis to Special Summon it, and Miranda Special Summoned Phantom Dragon in response, blocking two of LeBlanc’s Monster Zones.  LeBlanc Special Summon Spell Striker, Tribute Summoned Invader of Darkness, and attacked for game over Cameraclops!




Chris LeBlanc could be one win away from the Finals!


LeBlanc had a hand of Spell Striker; Invader of Darkness; Machine Lord Ur; Hedge Guard; and Vylon Prism; He used his re-draw to trade his hand for a new one.


Miranda opened with Des Mosquito, adding its counters with its effect.  He Set a Spell or Trap Card.


LeBlanc had a new hand of Star Blast; Winged Sage Salfos; Schwarzschild Limit Dragon; Embodiment of Apophis; Rising Energy; and Reckless Greed.  He Summoned Falcos, attacked Des Mosquito to knock away a counter, and Set all three of his Trap Cards.


Miranda Normal Summoned Chow Len the Prophet and targeted Reckless Greed, calling traps.  Miranda attacked with Chow Len, and LeBlanc discarded Star Blast for Rising Energy!  Chow Len was destroyed and Miranda took 1400 Battle Damage.  “Go ahead.”


LeBlanc drew Forbidden Dress and attacked Des Mosquito again, eliminating its last counter.  LeBlanc Set Dress.


Miranda Summoned Blizzard Dragon and attacked Falcos: “In Damage Step…” LeBlanc flipped Forbidden Dress to take out Blizzard Dragon!


LeBlanc drew Goblin Attack Force, then drew Strike Slash and Mirage Dragon with Reckless Greed.  He Summoned Mirage Dragon, attacked with Falcos to destroy Des Mosquito, then made a direct attack with the Dragon.  He Set a card to his backrow to finish out.




Miranda was down to 2400 Life Points.  He Summoned Botanical Lion, attacked Mirage Dragon, and destroyed it.  He Set a second Spell or Trap.


LeBlanc Summoned Goblin Attack Force and boosted the Goblins with Strike Slash.  Miranda chained Nordic Relic Brisingamen, boosting Lion to 2300 ATK.  He then added Rush Recklessly, matching both monsters.  Winged Sage Falcos dropped Miranda to 700 Life Points.


Miranda Summoned Cameraclops.


LeBlanc still couldn’t draw, but he could Special Summon Embodiment of Apophis!  That would do it – moments later he was attacking for game.




Chris LeBlanc is on his way to the Finals for a shot at his second Championship!