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Day 2 Top Table Update

July 13th, 2014

We’re ready to begin the second day of competition with Round 10! Here are your top twenty Duelists as we begin.

Table 1:
Brandon Wigley with Geargia
Andre Wright with Bujin

Table 2:
Michael Steinman with Artifact Traptrix
Juan Moroyoqui with Mermail

Table 3:
Matthew Wrona with Reversal Quiz OTK
Manav Dawar with Prophecy

Table 4:
Sean McCabe with Hand Artifact Traptrix
Tahmid Zaman with Mythic Dragon Rulers

Table 5:
Jimmy Nguyen with Artifact Traptrix
Jesse Flores with Lightsworn

Table 6:
Thomas Mak with Geargia
Robert Scarpelli with Geargia

Table 7:
Phillip Harris with Hieratics
Patrick James with Sylvans

Table 8:
Kyle Ericsson with Bujin
Diego Haltom with Madolche

Table 9:
Alexander Muts with Lightsworn
S Kheireddine with Infernity

Table 10:
Nicholas Ma with Madolche
Jorge Jimenez with Geargia

That gives a total count of:

4 Geargia
2 Bujin
2 Lightsworn
2 Madolche
2 Artifact Traptrix
1 Hand Artifact Traptrix
1 Mermail
1 Reversal Quiz OTK
1 Prophecy
1 Mythic Dragon Rulers
1 Hieratics
1 Sylvans
1 Infernity

That’s a whopping 13 different Decks here! Geargia have the lead, but only by a small margin. All of the represented Decks have a range of explosive to controlling, so there’s quite a bit of variety to be found.