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DD WCQ – CA: Top 4 of the Central American Dragon Duel WCQ

July 6th, 2014

As the Dueling action heats up in the Main Event and enters the Top 8, the Dragon Duelists are beginning their Top 4 to see who would be crowned the new Central American Dragon Duel Champion, and will represent the region at the World Championship!

Table 1: Coronel Contreras, Daniel Isai (Bujin) vs. Coronel Contreras, Juan Carlos (Geargia)

Juan (left), Daniel (right)

Juan (left), Daniel (right)

As we learned in the Feature Match yesterday, Daniel and Juan are siblings.  Only one will advance to the Finals!  Will it be Daniel or his brother, Juan?

Daniel Isai Coronel Contreras with his Bujin Deck advances to the Finals!

Table 2: Ruiz Campos, Marco Jossue (Geargia – Costa Rica) vs. Alvarez Castro, Ivan Enrique de Jesus (Madolche – Dominican Republic)

Ivan (left), Marco (right)

Ivan (left), Marco (right)

Ivan Enrique de Jesus Alvarez Castro from Dominican Republic with his Madolche Deck makes it to the Finals!

Unlike in the Central American World Championship Qualifier, we still have two international players.  Marco is the returning World Championship representative from last year, and this is Ivan’s first try at being crowned the Central American Dragon Duel Champion.

Good luck to you all!