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Public Events Overview

July 12th, 2014

While the main WCQ and Dragon Duel WCQ tournaments require invitations to attend, we’ve got a ton of other events to participate in! Here’s a look at what you can find here today.

Token Station

Custom Tokens! The beloved Token Station is here, where you can take a photo with a background of your choice, then have it printed on a Token for use in your Duels!


This Duel is so huge, it has to be played on the floor! Duelists battle with oversized cards, with Decks based on the Yugi and Kaiba Reloaded Starter Decks.

Duel Dash

This Kinect game is exclusive to the North American WCQ. You play as a Kuriboh, racing over and under obstacles against a friend. There are Trap Cards throughout the race, which you can grab to hinder your opponent or give yourself a boost!

Pendulum Summon Demos

This one isn’t a game, but a presentation by a Yu-Gi-Oh! Judge, explaining all the details on the new Pendulum Monsters with large sized cards. After this weekend, Duelists will be sure to see the new monsters, so it’s a good idea to be clear on their details!

2015 Regional Qualifiers

Just like at YCS’s, Duelists can play to qualify for next year’s WCQ! This is a great way to get a jumpstart on competition for next season.


Duelists enter into 16-player pools, aiming to take home a special playmat only available from Win-A-Mat Public Events. This time, it features Rio Kastle and Number C103: Ragnafinity!

Battle City Tournament

No, not a tournament with Battle City anime rules! This lets Duelists battle it out for a shot at the prizes from the Battle City Tournament Kit, featuring special Token cards and an Ojama playmat!

Super Starter Tournament

In this event, Duelists play with a Super Starter Space-Time Showdown Deck, including the Power-Up Pack, going to win a game mat.

Realm of Light Structure Deck Tournament

Like the Super Starter, Duelists face off with Lightsworn in this tournament, going for a Realm of Light game mat.

War of the Giants: Round 2 Draft Tournament

Drafting takes center stage in this Public Event, with Duelists passing cards around, looking to gain an edge on the competition. Draft is how all YCS Top 16’s have been played out since February, so practice is key!


The fan favorite! Players battle for the prize of one mega-sized foil card! This weekend’s cards are Majesty’s Fiend, Bujin Hirume, and Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One!

3 vs. 3 Team Duel

Duelists group into threes, then try to win as much as they can! Even if one Duelist were to lose, their team still is victorious if the team mates can pull through. The prizes here are uncut sheets of Secret Rares!

After all the Public Events are said and done, the Duelists are treated with yet another event – the Prize Playoffs! The four Duelists who accumulated the most Public Events points over the weekend get to play off for a Super Rare copy of Number 106: Giant Hand! In addition, four Duelists at random will also get to try for a copy!

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