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QQ: Lightsworn or Geargia?

July 13th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Geargia Decks have been extremely popular throughout the entire format, but the release of the recent Realm of Light Structure Deck has given Lightsworn Decks a huge boost in power and popularity. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see whether they believe Lightsworn Decks or Geargia Decks will be more popular this weekend. Check out their responses!

“Lightsworn.” –Michael Sanders


“Geargia.” –Gabriel Santiago


“Geargia.” –Aaron Burroghs


“Definitely Lightsworn.” –Levi Steffen


“Geargia.” –Byron DeLong


“Geargia.” –Britton Shea Malone


“Lightsworn.” –Michael Taste


“Lightsworn.” –David Dunham


“Lightsworn.” –Stephen Silverman


“Lightsworn.” –Paul Clarke


“Lightsworn.” –Chris Stewart


“Geargia.” –Dominic Arana


“Geargia.” –Jeff Jones


“Geargia.” –Josh Coones


“Geargia.” –Pasquale Crociata


“Geargia.” –Malik Jones


“Geargia.” –Gary Miotke


“Lightsworn by a bit.” –Brady Monroe


“Lightsworn.” –Kyle Jones


“Geargia.” –Cordero Spencer


“Lightsworn.” –Thomas Savignano


“Geargia. Geargia Decks have been played with success for a while longer.” –Steven Veit-Quiles


“Geargia.” –Cody Minnix


It looks like players expect Lightsworn Decks and Geargia Decks to both be popular this weekend. Which Deck do you think is more popular in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community?