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QQ: Which Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

July 13th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There are lots of popular Decks competing this weekend. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance to see which Deck they think will win this weekend. Check out their responses!

“Mermails. It’s the most consistent Deck.” –Michael Sanders


“Mythic Rulers with Skill Drain.” –Gabriel Santiago


“Mythic Rulers or Madolches. Every other Deck has huge weaknesses. These are easy to Side Deck with.” –Aaron Burroughs


“Artifact/Hands/Traptrix or Lightsworn. Michael is easy to make and Artifact Sanctum is just too good.” –Levi Steffen


“Fire Kings.” –Byron DeLong


“Bujins.” –Britton Shea Malone


“WATER or Geargia.” –Stephen Silverman


“Geargia. It’s too consistent.” –Paul Clarke


“Lightsworn. It’s the most popular Deck.” –Chris Stewart


“Lightsworn Dragons.” –Anthony Fall


“Geargia or Dragons.” –Jeff Jones


“Mermails.” –Josh Coones


“Des Frogs. The OTK is too strong!” –Pasquale Crociata


“Geargia. The Deck is really versatile.” –Malik Jones


“Sylvans, Lightsworn, or Geargia.” –Steven Veit-Quiles


“Due to the sheer numbers representing the Deck, most likely Geargia.” –Alex Keeler


“Geargia. They have more variety.” –Jarmond Sharhuey


There’s a lot of variety in Duelists’ answers to this Quick Question. No one knows for certain which Duelist or which Deck will win this weekend, so follow the coverage to find out!