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Round 2 Feature Match: Ron Davis Versus Kyle Christian

July 12th, 2014

Let’s see something crazy.


Ron Davis is playing an aggressive version of Sylvans with Main Decked copies of D.D. Crow and an Extra Deck that can only be described as “eclectic.”  Davis is a familiar judge at the YCS level, but he took a year off to challenge himself as a player and now he’s 1-0 at the WCQ.  His opponent is YCS veteran and previous Feature Match competitor Kyle Christian, who’s competing today with a bizarre Deck featuring Skill Drain, Imperial Custom, and monsters like Coach Captain Bearman; Beast King Barbaros; and Fusilier Dragon, The Dual-Mode Beast.


Davis opened up with a hand of Lonefire Blossom; Sylvan Charity; Rose Archer; Sylvan Princessprout; Effect Veiler; and Mount Sylvania.  He Summoned Lonefire to Special Summon another one from his Deck, then activated its effect to Special Summon Sylvan Hermitree.  He activated Charity, drawing Soul Charge, Effect Veiler and another Charity.  He placed Princessprout and Mount Sylvania back on his Deck with Princessprout on top.  He then activated Hermitree’s effect, excavating Princessprout.  He drew Mount Sylvania, then Special Summoned Princessprout at Level 8 to match Hermitree!  Soul Charge let Davis bring back his two Lonefires!




Davis Tributed one Lonefire to Special Summon another Hermitree from his Deck, then used the second Lonefire to Summon Sylvan Sagequoia in Defense Position.  “Here’s where it gets a little messy…”  Davis used his second Hermitree’s effect, excavating Royal Decree and placing it on the bottom of his Deck.


He overlaid both copies of Hermitree and Princessprout to Xyz Summon Coach King Giantrainer, then detached Hermitree to reveal D.D. Crow, drawing it and burning Christian for 800 damage.  He used Giantrainer’s effect again, this time netting Rose Archer for another 800 damage.  A third time got him another D.D. Crow, dropping Christian to 5600 Life Points!




Davis pressed on!  He activated Mount Sylvania, then Set Sylvan Charity to end with six cards in hand, four cards on the field.  What a first turn!


Christian activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card, then followed up with Pot of Duality, revealing two Beast King Barbaros and one Coach Captain Bearman: he added a Barbaros to his hand and shuffled back the rest.  He Set two cards to his backrow, then Summoned Cardcar D to send it to the Graveyard, drawing two cards.  In the End Phase Davis excavated Sagequoia with Mount Sylvania, getting Davis back his Sylvan Charity!


Davis drew Miracle Fertilizer!  Christian flipped Macro Cosmos in the Draw Phase, but Davis Chained the effect of Rose Archer to negate it and destroy it!  Christian Chained Imperial Custom, but Davis dropped the second Rose Archer to blow that away too!  Devastating.  Davis flipped his Set Sylvan Charity to draw Forbidden Dress, another Princessprout, and another Soul Charge.  He put D.D. Crow and Princessprout on top of his Deck, Princessprout first, then revived Sylvan Hermitree with Miracle Fertilizer!


David used Hermitree’s effect to excavate Princessprout, drawing a card and then reviving Princessprout at Level 7.  He overlaid Princessprout and Sagequoia to Xyz Summon Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter, then attacked with Hermitree, Giantrainer, and Orea for game!




Ron Davis scores a massive first turn, netting four extra cards on Turn 1 and even more free cards on Turn 1, closing out the Duel in minutes!  Kyle Christian had no chance, losing what should’ve been a secure set-up with Imperial Custom to not one, but two Rose Archers.  Another win like that would get Davis a 2-0 record and a ticket to the undefeated bracket in Round 3, with plenty of time to grab lunch in the interim.  Brutal.


Christian got us started with Swords of Revealing Light; Kaiser Colosseum; three Set backrow cards; and Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast


This time around Davis had Sylvan Marshalleaf; Sylvan Komushroomo; Miracle Fertilizer; Sylvan Sagequoia; Sylva Charity; and Royal Decree.  He activated Charity to draw Lonefire Blossom, Sagequoia, and… another Sagequoia: he placed Marshalleaf and Sagequoia on top of his Deck, Marshalleaf on top, then Set Komushroomo and Decree.  That was the first turn on Swords, over.


Christian flipped Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Davis’ Royal Decree!  He activated Dimensional Fissure, flipping Komushroomo and taking 600 Battle Damage.


Davis drew the Marshalleaf again and passed.


Christian passed.


Davis drew his Sagequoia and passed again.  Swords was destroyed.


Christian passed.  It was still unclear what his strategy was trying to accomplish.


Davis drew Soul Charge and Set it, at seven cards in hand otherwise.


Christian passed.


Davis drew Mount Sylvania.  He was totally locked under that Dimensional Fissure, but activated Sylvania anyways.


Christian passed, but Davis activated Mount Sylvania’s effect in the End Phase, flipping Rose Archer on the top of his deck and leaving it on top of his Deck.


Davis drew it next turn, then Set his useless Miracle Fertilizer.


Christian Summoned another Fusilier Dragon!  He overlaid them for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in Defense Position, then detached a Material to Special Summon two Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens.  He Tributed one Token for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack’s effect, destroying Komushroomo and ended.  Sylvania revealed Sylvan Princessprout from the top of Davis’ Deck, and Dimensional Fissure banished it.


Davis drew Mystical Space Typhoon moments later and he activated it, targeting Dimensional Fissure: Christian Chained Dark Bribe to negate it!  Davis drew another dead Soul Charge.  He Normal Summoned Lonefire Blossom, then banished it to Special Summon Sylvan Hermitree: Christian flipped Bottomless Trap Hole!  Davis couldn’t use Rose Archer’s effect due to Dimensional Fissure, so Hermitree was destroyed and banished.


Christian was in full control at this point, detaching another Material from Dracossack to Special Summon two more Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens.  He Tributed all three Tokens to Normal Summon Beast King Barbaros, destroying Davis’ Set Fertilizer, Set Soul Charge, and Mount Sylvania with Barbaros’ ability!




Christian attacked for 2600 Battle Damage with Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, then made a direct swing for 3000 with Beast King Barbaros!  Davis dropped to 2400 Life Points and Christian Set another card to his backrow.


Davis drew another Komushroomo and briefly fanned his Graveyard.  “You got Game 2.”


An incredible control set-up followed by a massive Beast King Barbaros play demolishes Ron Davis in a Game 2 Duel that was just as brutal going the other way as Game 1 was to Kyle Christian!  Davis gives the concession, Christian takes the win, and we are off and running to Game 3.  Coach King Giantrainer for three draws!?  Beast King Barbaros with three Tributes to blow up the field!?  What would we see next?!?


Davis’ hand was Effect Veiler; D.D. Crow; Mount Sylvania; Sylvan Marshalleaf; and two Miracle Fertilizers.  He Summoned Marshalleaf, used its effect, and excavated nothing but another Sylvania and Mystical Space Typhoon!  Disappointed, Davis activated Sylvania from his hand, Tributed Marshalleaf, and stacked Sylvan Charity to the top of his Deck.  It seemed a safe gambit, since Christian’s strategy seemed unlikely to OTK.


Christian Set four cards to his backrow.


Davis drew Charity, Set two cards, and activated Charity to draw Lonefire Blossom, Marshalleaf, and another Charity.  He stacked Charity and D.D. Crow back on top of his Deck, Crow on top, and Summoned Lonefire Blossom to Tribute it and Special Summon another one in Defense Position.  He used that second Lonefire to bring out Sylvan Hermitree, then pitched Marshalleaf for Mount Sylvania to stack Sylvan Princessprout.  He used Hermitree to excavate it, drawing Rose Archer and bringing back Princessprout at Level 8.  Christian flipped Skill Drain, and Davis pegged it with the Rose Archer… this time he had no answer when Christian flipped Imperial Custom!  But Davis kept going, and overlaid to Xyz Summon Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon attacking for 4000 Battle Damage!




Christian Set one card and ended.  Davis used Mount Sylvania, revealing another Sylvania from the top of his Deck and putting it on the bottom.


Davis drew Thunder King Rai-Oh on his successive turn.  He attacked again, but Christian had topdecked Dimensional Prison to banish the attacking Prime Photon Dragon!  In Main Phase 2 Davis flipped Miracle Fertilizer to revive Sylvan Hermitree, then ended.  The Duel stood at Davis’ 8000 Life Points to Christian’s 3000.


Christian Normal Summoned Coach Captain Bearman, then ended.  Mount Sylvania revealed Davis’ Effect Veiler in the End Phase; he put it on the bottom of his Deck.


Davis drew Sylvan Sagequoia and attacked Bearman with Hermitree, dropping Christian to 2900 Life Points.  “I’ll pass.”  Time was ticking down.


Christian cleared Hermitree with Dark Hole, but Davis tried to Special Summon Sagequoia from his hand with its effect!  Christian had Debunk to stop it!  He activated Swords of Revealing Light and Mount Sylvania let Davis put D.D. Crow on the bottom of his Deck.


Davis drew Sylvan Komushroomo, and he flipped his Set Miracle Fertilizer.  Christian Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it, which meant Davis could still Normal Summon.  He pitched Komushroomo for Mount Sylvania’s effect and Christian had just one card left in hand (with Swords, Skill Drain, and Custom on the field) so Davis stacked another Komushroomo.  He Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh.


Christian ripped Beast King Barbaros!  He attacked with it to destroy Thunder King.  He Set his last card to his backrow.  Mount Sylvania excavated Komushroomo and Davis destroyed Swords.


He drew Princessprout next turn, discarded it for Mount Sylvania, and placed Marshealleaf on top of his Deck.  Time was called; five turns would be played after this one.  He Set Effect Veiler, just needing to wait out the damage to win.


Turn 1: Christian drew a card, set it to his backrow, and attacked to destroy Effect Veiler.  Davis used Marshalleaf to destroy Barbaros in the End Phase.


Turn 2: Davis drew Sylvan Charity and activated it.  Davis got Mystical Space Typhoon, Sagequoia, and Hermitree.  He placed both monsters back on top of his Deck and Set the Typhoon.


Turn 3: Christian drew for his turn, Davis flipped his Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Custom, and Davis Set a Spell or Trap.  Davis Excavated Hermitree in the End Phase with Mount Sylvania, seeing Rose Archer, Soul Charge, and Sagequoia from his Deck.  He rearranged them, stacking Rose Archer on the bottom at the top of his Deck, then Sagequoia, then ensuring he’d draw Soul Charge next turn.


Turn 4: Davis drew Soul Charge.  “He’s gotta do 4100 next turn?”  He Set Soul Charge, ended, and next turn all Christian could do was Summon Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast, attack, and end – not enough damage to win!




Ron Davis takes a tight 2-1 victory, blowing out his opponent in Game 1; getting blown out in return for Game 2; and then fighting a slobberknocker of a battle to narrowly win in time in the final Duel!  Coach King GiantrainerBeast King Barbaros with triple Tribute!  And Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon?!?  Awesome.





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