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Round 6 Top Table Update:

July 13th, 2014

With four Rounds of competition left in Day 1, we’re doing our first Top Table Update of the tournament – and the results are not what many expected!


For the uninitiated: when you compete in a Swiss Tournament and keep winning, you’re slowly sifted closer and closer to Table 1.  The Duelists with the best records play off at the lowest table numbers, fighting for that coveted Table 1 position.  So the coverage team looks at Tables 1 through 10 to find out who’s playing what Decks with X-0 (undefeated) and X-1 records.  That helps us get a feel for what strategies are doing the best at any given moment in the tournament.


With that in mind, check this out…


Table 1:

Patrick Owen James with Sylvans


Ali Yassine with Infernities


Table 2:

Victor Vuong with Hand Traptrix


David Green with Lightsworn Ruler


Table 3:

Steven Veit-Quiles with Lightsworn Rulers


Tahmid Zaman with Mythic Rulers


Table 4:

Luis Alberto Andrade with Bujins


Martin Duran Alcala with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Table 5:

Travis Hillard with Evilswarm


Matthew Wrona with Reversal Quiz OTK


Table 6:

Brandon Wong with Hieratic Rulers


Simon Trottier-Lacasse with Infernities


Table 7:

Lenard Hill with Mermails


Andre Wright with Bujins


Table 8:

David Arzate-Ochoa Jr. with Geargia


Korey McDuffie with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


Table 9:

Joseph Ponticello with Infernities


Wassim Yassine with Evilswarm


Table 10:

Nikos Onapolis with Infernities


James Huang with Traptrix Hand Artifacts


So yeah, you’re not crazy.  That really does break down as follows:


Infernities: 4

Traptrix Hand Artifacts: 3

Lightsworn: 2

Bujins: 2

Evilswarm: 2

Sylvans: 1

Hand Traptrix: 1

Mythic Rulers: 1

Reversal Quiz OTK: 1

Hieratic Rulers: 1

Mermails: 1

Geargia: 1


Infernities, outpacing everything else at the top tables.  Which begs one question: how?


Infernities have a strong Lightsworn match-up, which seems relevant as we’ve seen plenty of Lightsworn Ruler decks at top tables all day and sure enough, two are in the Top 10 right now.  But on top of that the deck has relatively strong match-ups almost everywhere else too, and perhaps most importantly: nobody’s Side Decking the cards that stop it.  This wasn’t a match-up that’s been doing well in recent Regionals or WCQ’s, and though the deck was a big factor toward the end of the last format at YCS Chicago, it was marginalized in the eyes of most competitors after Infernity Barrier was Limited on April 1st.  A number of proponents stated that the Deck was still playable, and that was backed up by a handful of tournament finishes, but the strategy faded from competition anyways.


Now Infernities are back with a vengeance, while Decks like Mermails and Geargia seem to be struggling.  Still, we’ve got twelve different strategies in the Top 10 tables right now – the field today’s been even more varied than anyone suspected it possibly could be.  Will that hold up through to Day 2?  We don’t know, but we’re certainly going to find out over the next few Rounds!