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Round 6: Zachary Toliver Versus Kyle Warfield

July 12th, 2014

We’re here with Zachary Toliver, from Nashville, Tennessee! He’s brought a Bujin Deck with him, and he’s participating in his first WCQ! His opponent is Kyle Warfield, a local Duelist playing a Spirit Deck packing Ice Hand and Fire Hand. Warfield is the last Champion to win the Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game tournament, back in 2011! This ought to be a great match!

Duel 1

Toliver started with Royal Decree, Soul Charge, Forbidden Lance, Pot of Duality, Dark Hole, and Bujingi Quilin. He played Pot of Duality to reveal Bujingi Hare, D.D. Crow, and Royal Decree. He went with D.D. Crow, then Normal Summoned Quilin. He Set Decree and Lance.

Warfield Normal Summoned Ice Hand and moved to the Battle Phase. Ice Hand crashed into Quilin, and it destroyed Forbidden Lance before bringing in Fire Hand. It attacked as well, colliding with Quilin. In Main Phase 2 Warfield Set four back row cards, and Toliver flipped Decree.

Toliver drew Mind Control. He played Soul Charge to revive Quilin in Attack Position.

Warfield passed.

Toliver drew Bujingi Crane and Normal Summoned it. Quilin and Crane attacked directly, then Toliver Xyz Summoned Bujintei Susanowo. He detached Quilin to add Bujingi Hare to his Graveyard.

Warfield Set a monster.

Toliver drew Fire Formation – Tenki! First, he used Susanowo to add Bujin Hirume to his hand. Tenki came next, giving him Bujin Mikazuchi. He banished Crane to Special Summon Hirume, then played Mikazuchi alongside it. Mind Control swiped Warfield’s Set Maxx “C”. When Toliver moved to the Battle Phase, Warfield conceded!

r6 g1finish

With Maxx “C” face-down and a back row full of unused cards, Warfield clearly had a rough time against Royal Decree. He hadn’t given up much information on his Deck, however – just a pair of Hands and a Maxx “C”. Toliver might have a rough time Side Decking.

Duel 2

Warfield Set two back row cards and a monster.

Toliver had Pot of Duality, Forbidden Lance, Kaiser Colosseum, Bujingi Turtle, Honest, and Nobleman of Crossout. He led with Pot of Duality, revealing Bujin Yamato, Bujingi Crane, and Royal Decree. He went with Decree. He banished Warfield’s Fire Hand with Nobleman of Crossout, then played Bujingi Turtle. Turtle attacked directly, then Toliver activated Kaiser Colosseum. He Set Lance and Decree.

Warfield Normal Summoned Ice Hand. He attacked with it, and it destroyed Decree when it went down. Fire Hand replaced it, and it attacked as well. Toliver used Honest to win the battle, and Fire Hand destroyed Bujingi Turtle with its effect. A new Ice Hand came out, and it attacked directly. Warfield Set a third and fourth back row card.

Toliver drew another Decree and Set it.

Ice Hand attacked directly. Warfield Set a fifth back row card.

Toliver drew Bujingi Hare and Summoned it. He didn’t attack.

Warfield crashed his Ice Hand into Hare, and it destroyed Decree. Fire Hand attacked as well, and its effect destroyed Hare. The final Ice Hand hit the field, and it attacked directly.

Toliver drew Fire Formation – Tenki! He got Bujin Yamato, but lost it to Solemn Warning!

Ice Hand attacked directly again. Warfield Set a monster.

Toliver drew Bujincarnation and passed.

Ice Hand left Toliver with only 1000 Life Points, to Warfield’s 1800. Warfield Set a back row card.

Toliver drew another Tenki, and played it for Bujin Hirume! He Special Summoned Hirume by banishing Yamato, and Warfield activated The Transmigration Prophecy, targeting Turtle and Hare! Toliver Chained Hare’s effect. Hirume attacked into Dimensional Prison. With no Bujins in his Graveyard for Bujincarnation, Toliver had no moves left!

r6 g2finish

Warfield has evened the score, and we’re moving on to the final Duel!

Duel 3

Toliver began with a hand of Bujin Hirume, Bujingi Turtle, Pot of Duality, Mind Control, Bujin Mikazuchi, and Bujingi Quilin. He got Royal Decree with Pot of Duality, sending back Mystical Space Typhoon and Bujingi Crane. He played Mikazuchi, then Set Decree and Mind Control.

Warfield started off with Ice Hand again, crashing it into Mikazuchi. It destroyed Mind Control before bringing forth Fire Hand. That attacked as well, and it destroyed Mikazuchi. A new Ice Hand hit the field, and it attacked directly. Warfield Set three cards to his back row, and Toliver flipped Royal Decree.

Toliver drew another Decree, and Warfield flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the one-field copy. Toliver banished Mikazuchi to Special Summon Hirume, and lost it to Solemn Warning. He Normal Summoned Bujingi Turtle and attacked Ice Hand with no cards in his back row – Ice Hand couldn’t bring out Fire Hand without destroying a card. In Main Phase 2, Toliver Set his Decree.

Warfield just Normal Summoned Fire Hand anyway! He attacked Turtle, losing 100 Life Points. Fire Hand destroyed Turtle and brought out Ice Hand, which attacked directly.

Toliver drew Bujin Arasuda. He Set it.

Warfield sent Ice Hand to attack, bouncing off Arasuda’s 1900 DEF. Warfield Set a second card to his back row.

Toliver drew Honest. He flipped Decree, and Warfield Chained The Transmigration Prophecy to return Bujingi Turtle and Ice Hand from the Graveyards to their owners’ Decks. Toliver Normal Summoned Quilin, and it was turned face-down by Book of Moon!

Warfield Normal Summoned Nikitama, then Special Summoned Kagetokage! He stacked them for King of the Feral Imps, adding another Kagetokage to his hand. King of the Feral Imps destroyed Arasuda, and Ice Hand finished off Quilin. Warfield Set one back row card to finish.

Toliver drew Nobleman of Crossout. He Set it, and Set Honest.

Warfield used King of the Feral Imps for yet another Kagetokage. King destroyed Honest in battle, and Ice Hand attacked directly. Toliver had 3800 Life Points to Warfield’s 4300.

r6 g3finish

Toliver drew Mystical Space Typhoon. With only 3800 Life Points, He wouldn’t last another turn!

Kyle Warfield is your winner, with Spirt Hands!

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