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Top 16 Feature Match: Jimmy Nguyen Versus Joseph Slone

July 13th, 2014

Artifacts are everywhere! Proving to be the big success story so far, various Artifact Decks are all over the Top 16, and Jimmy Nguyen, from Dallas, TX, is one of those successful Duelists! He’s up against the last Madolche Duelist in the tournament, Joseph Slone from Union, KY!

Duel 1

Slone began with a hand of Forbidden Lance, Trap Stun, Madolche Chateau, Madolche Mewfeuille, Black Horn of Heaven, and Ice Hand. He Set Ice Hand and his Trap Cards.

Nguyen started with Traptrix Myrmeleo, adding Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand. He played Artifact Ignition next, destroying Trap Stun and putting Artifact Moralltach face-down. Myrmeleo attacked collided off Ice Hand. Nguyen filled has back row with spells and traps.

Slone drew Torrential Tribute. He moved Ice Hand to Attack Position and attacked, but was held off by Fiendish Chain. Slone Set Torrential Tribute and Forbidden Lance.

Nguyen passed.

Slone drew Madolche Hootcake. He switched Ice Hand back to Defense Position and passed.

Nguyen played Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Slone used Torrential Tribute! Nguyen used Pot of Duality next, adding Traptrix Dionaea to his hand. That will go nicely with the Myrmeleo in his Graveyard!

Slone drew Madolche Magileine. He activated Madolche Chateau, then played Magileine to add another Magileine to his hand. Magileine attacked, and Nguyen used Artifact Ignition to destroy his Set Moralltach! He Set Artifact Beagalltach from his Deck, and Special Summoned Moralltach. That destroyed Madolche Chateau, and Slone cancelled his attack.

Nguyen played Dionaea, reviving Myrmeleo. Its effect targeted Slone’s Forbidden Lance, and he Chained it to weaken Moralltach. Dionaea destroyed Magileine, and Moralltach attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, Nguyen used his Traptrix monsters to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller, and Slone destroyed it with Black Horn of Heaven. Nguyen Set a fourth and fifth card to his back row.

Slone drew Trap Stun. He played Magileine, putting another copy in his hand. He Set Trap Stun to finish. In the End Phase, Nguyen flipped Artifact Sanctum, bringing Beagalltach to the field. That let him destroy his Set Moralltach and Beagalltach, and he Special Summoned them. Moralltach destroyed Magileine. Next turn, his field of Artifacts wiped out Slone’s Life Points!

t16 g1fin

Nguyen takes the first Duel, ending with a field of double Moralltach, double Beagalltach! Slone had a rough opening that just didn’t let him get going, and Nguyen capitalized in a big way. The Duelists moved to their Side Decks, each likely prepared for this matchup.

Duel 2

Slone began with Madolche Magileine, Madolche Hootcake, Torrential Tribute, Mind Control, Madolchepalooza, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He played Magileine to get another copy of it, then Set Typhoon, Madolchepalooza, and Torrential Tribute.

Nguyen began again with Traptrix Myrmeleo, adding Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand. Pot of Duality was next, revealing Solemn Warning, Traptrix Dionaea, and Artifact Moralltach. He took Dionaea, just like before. He attacked with Myrmeleo, and Magileine returned to the Deck. Nguyen played Artifact Ignition next, destroying Torrential Tribute to put Artifact Moralltach face-down as a Spell Card. Nguyen filled the rest of his Spell & Trap Card Zones.

Slone drew Fire Hand. He played Magileine to get Madolche Anjelly to his hand, then used Mind Control to take Myrmeleo. After that resolved, Nguyen flipped Artifact Sanctum, bringing Artifact Moralltach out. Its effect destroyed Myrmeleo. Slone flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Nguyen’s Bottomless Trap Hole, then activated Madolchepalooza! He brought down Hootcake and Anjelly. Nguyen used Mystical Space Typhoon on his own Set Moralltach, and it destroyed Anjelly! In the End Phase, Hootcake had to go back to the Deck.

Nguyen destroyed Magileine with Moralltach, then attacked directly with the second copy. He stacked them in Main Phase 2 for Constellar Pleiades and Set two to his his back row.

t16 g2fin

Slone drew an Anjelly. He had 5000 Life Points remaining, to Nguyen’s 8000. He Set his Fire Hand, and had it returned by Pleiades. When Nguyen flipped Artifact Sanctum, it was all over!

Jimmy Nguyen is moving to the Top 8 with Artifact Traptrix!