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Top Table Update – Round 8

July 13th, 2014

Here are your top Duelists as of Round 8!

Table 1:
Patrick Owen James with Sylvans
James Wenfeng Huang with Traptrix Hand Artifacts

Table 2:
David Arzate-Ochoa Jr. with Geargia
Andre David Wright with Bujins

Table 3:
Michael James Steinman with Artifacts
Tahmid Alvi Zaman with Mythic Dragon Rulers

Table 4:
Thomas Wai Mak with Geargia
Vincent Mathew Paglia Jr. with Traptrix Hand Artifacts

Table 5:
Brandon Scott Wigley with Geargia
Evan Petre with Geargia

Table 6:
Robert Joseph Scarpelli Jr. with Geargia
Matthew James Wrona with Reversal Quiz OTK

Table 7:
Nicholas Hayes Blandin with Fire Fist Artifact Traptrix
Qi Hong Long with Mythic Dragon Rulers

Table 8:
Juan Martin Moroyoqui Jr. with Mermails
Victor Vuong with Traptrix Hands

Table 9:
Christopher Michael Woolheater with Mermails
Lenard King Hill with Mermails

Table 10:
Griffin Dean Gamrat with Lightsworn
Reinaldo Jose Lainez Diaz with Geargia

So the breakdown is as follows:

Geargia: 6
Mermails: 3
Mythic Dragon Rulers: 2
Traptrix Artifact Hands: 2
Artifacts: 1
Fire Fist Artifact Hands: 1
Traptrix Hands: 1
Lightsworn: 1
Sylvan: 1
Reversal Quiz OTK: 1
Bujin: 1
All of the Infernity from the last few rounds seem to have shifted away from the top, replaced by Geargia! That could be coincidence, but it may mean that the more experienced players are more capable when combating Infernity.

We’re still seeing a huge variety of Decks in the top tables. There are eleven different strategies represented! Even if you consolidate the multitude of Artifact/Hand/Traptrix Decks into one group, that’s a lot of variation.

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