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WCQ – CA: QQ: Which Deck Are You Using and Why?

July 6th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! There are lots of powerful Decks for Duelists to choose from this weekend, but each participant in the World Championship Qualifier may only enter with one Deck. I surveyed some of these weekend’s participants to see which Decks they decided to use this weekend. Check out their responses!

Ricardo Orozco used an Artifact/Traptrix/Hand Deck this weekend because he says it’s the most popular Deck and one of the cheapest ones to build.

Ricardo Orozco

Dionisio Ortiz used a Geargia Deck this weekend because he says it’s very versatile and has so many easy combos. He says it has some downsides and may draw poorly, but it keeps things simple so that you can learn about the Deck you’re playing against.

Dionisio Ortiz

Daniel Giron is using a Artifacts/Traptrix/Hands Deck because he says it’s a versatile Deck that can get out of a lot of sticky situations. He claims that it puts opponents in a position where they’re forced to play less aggressively, and can overcome any adversity.

Daniel Giron

Guillermo Morales used a Madolche Deck this weekend because it’s the Deck he has been using since the National Championship. He thinks that people underestimate the Deck, and that the Deck has a lot of explosive combos against the rest of the popular Decks.

Guillermo Morales

If you were playing in this World Championship Qualifier this weekend, which Deck would you use?