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WCQ – CA: Which Deck Will Win This Weekend?

July 6th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Lots of different Duelists are using lots of different Decks in this weekend’s 2014 World Championship Qualifier, but only 1 Duelist – and 1 Deck – can emerge in first place. I surveyed some of the Duelists in attendance to find out which Deck they think will take the top prize this weekend. Check out their responses!

Uriel Moreno expects that a Traptrix Hand Deck will win, because he says the Deck has a lot of advantages against other Decks. Since Traptrix Hand Decks can clear their opponents’ fields, says those Decks are very difficult for opponents to play against.

Uriel Moreno

Antonio Gonzalez thinks that Madolches will win because they have a lot of combos and a lot of ways to clear the field without “destroying” cards. Madolche Decks can shuffle cards into the Deck with Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, which works well against the popular Fire Hand and Ice Hand. He also says that Madolche Decks get consistently strong draws, and there are lots of variants being used here in Mexico.

Antonio Gonzalez

Dorian Bazaure believes that a Geargia Deck will win this weekend, because it has the most consistency and control over other Decks. He says that it can also Side Deck very well against other Decks, and if you shift Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos in from the Side Deck, it can counter Fire Hand and Ice Hand. Bazaure says that with a proper Side Deck, Geargias can beat all of the most popular Decks.

Dorian Bazaure

Ulises Soria says that a Geargia Deck will win this weekend. He believes Geargias are best because of their Side Decking capabilities. He says that Geargia Decks are extremely stable, and the Side Deck options give Geargia Duelists enough power to beat any other Deck. He claims that Geargia Decks are very malleable and can easily be built to beat just about any Deck after Side Decking for Duels 2 and 3.

Ulises Soria

Which Deck do you think will win this weekend?