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QQ: What Deck are you playing – Bounty?

September 13th, 2014

We asked the bounty players what Decks they were playing this weekend:

Wolf Vadir Vargas Castellon from Bolivia: Stellerknights (but thinks Shadolls would win if we were using Constructed Decks to the Finals)

Julian Alfredo Riveros Beltran from Colombia: Burning Abyss

Guido Leandro Cunarro from Argentina: Shadolls

Tomas Francisco Bianco Palacious from Panama: Burning Abyss

Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro from Ecuador: Evilswarm (but thinks Stellarknights would win)

Gerardo Jesus Delgado Portilla from Peru: Stellarknights

Franco Andres Cuneo Silva from Chile: Anti-Meta (Stun) (but thinks Shadolls would win)

Angel Flores from Mexico: Stellarknights (but thinks Shadolls would win)

Paulo Roberto Goncalves Da Silva from Brazil: Shadolls

Robert Boyajian II from USA: Shadolls

The Deck types here are mirroring what we saw at the YCS – Toronto.  Stellarknights are in full force, as are Shadolls, Shadoll Artifacts and Burning Abyss Decks, with a smattering of Yang Zing, all from the recently released Duelist Alliance, but the staples are also here with Bujins, Lightsworn Rulers, Madolche, Evilswarm, Machina Gadgets, Infernities, Mermails, Gravekeepers, Fire Kings, Ghostricks, Six Samurai and a ton of other Deck types.