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Quick Questions: What Deck Are You Playing?

September 6th, 2014

With Duelist Alliance bringing so many new strategies into the fold and revamping so many others, the biggest question facing anyone competing in this weekend’s main event was one of the most basic: “What to play?”  We hit the tournament floor the morning of Day 1 to ask Duelists from all walks of life what Deck they chose to compete with, here at YCS Toronto!


“I’m playing Shaddolls with Artifacts!” -David Tuan Bui ~ Hamilton, Ontario


“Shaddolls.” –Alexandre Dalpe ~ Montreal, Quebec


“Burning Abyss.” –Loukas Peterson ~ Brentwood, Tennessee


Sea Lancer Frog Monarchs.” –Pasquale Crociata ~ New York City


“Shaddoll Artifacts.” -Christopher Irama ~ Toronto, Ontario


“SAK! Shaddols, Artifacts, and Kuribandit!” –Frazier Smith ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Shaddolls with The White Stone Of Legend.” –Desmond Johnson ~ Atlanta, Georgia


“Burning Abyss.” –Billy Brake ~ Dallas, Texas


“Shaddolls.” –Dale Bellido ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Shaddolls.” –Eric Dalton ~ Oshawa, Ontario


“Shaddolls.” –Bo Tang ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Frog Monarchs.” –Iesha Rae Robinson ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan


Shaddolls were one of the most-anticipated Decks of the weekend, and it’s very possible they were also the most-played strategy in this tournament!  Burning Abyss were also hugely represented, but the lack of Satellarknight players – even just in our limited Quick Questions sampling – was somewhat indicative of the metagame in Day 1.  Satellarknights didn’t quite see as much play as many anticipated, and we’ll have to see how that pans out in the Top 32.


Will Shaddolls come out on top?  We’ll find out as YCS Toronto draws to a conclusion!