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Quick Questions: What Deck Will Be The Most Popular?

September 6th, 2014

With so many different Decks in the mix this weekend, Duelists needed to make strong reads about what strategies they believed would be the biggest here at YCS Toronto.  In a field where so many Decks could be viable you can only Side Deck for a relative handful, so you have to figure out which strategies are likely to be the most popular.  That’s the question we took to the tournament floor, as we asked competitors what one Deck they believed would be the biggest one in competition!


“I think Shaddolls will definitely be the most popular Deck.” -David Tuan Bui ~ Hamilton, Ontario


“Burning Abyss, because the cards all practically play themselves!” –Pasquale Crociata ~ New York City


“Shaddolls!” -Christopher Irama ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Shaddolls.” –Alexandre Dalpe ~ Montreal, Quebec


“Shaddolls.” –Frazier Smith ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Satellarknights.” –Desmond Johnson ~ Atlanta, Georgia


“Shaddolls.” –Billy Brake ~ Dallas, Texas


“Satellarknights.”  –Dale Bellido ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Burning Abyss.” –Eric Dalton ~ Oshawa, Ontario


“Shaddolls.” –Bo Tang ~ Toronto, Ontario


“Burning Abyss.” –Iesha Rae Robinson ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan


Shaddolls were clearly the most-anticipated Deck of the weekend, with the remaining two biggest strategies from Duelist Alliance following hot on its heels!  No surprises there as Shaddolls were the most-hyped of the new Deck themes in DUEA, despite tremendous showings in Regional Qualifiers over the past two weeks from Burning Abyss and Satellarknights.  Will Shaddolls win the most seats in the Top 16?  That’s the big question we’re left with now.