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Quick Questions: Your Favorite Card Out Of Duelist Alliance?

September 7th, 2014

The Duelist Alliance Booster Pack didn’t just unleash new Deck themes, but it also introduced tons of individual cards that are seeing tournament play – some tied to named themes, and some that stand entirely on their own!  With the set still relatively new, we asked players to shout out their favorite card from DUEA.


“Mine is Shaddoll Beast!” -David Tuan Bui ~ Hamilton, Ontario


Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer.” –Alexandre Dalpe ~ Montreal, Quebec


Cloudcastle.” –Loukas Peterson ~ Brentwood, Tennessee


The Monarchs Stormforth.” –Pasquale Crociata ~ New York City


Shaddoll Fusion!” -Christopher Irama ~ Toronto, Ontario


The Monarchs Stormforth.” –Frazier Smith ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Shaddoll Fusion!  That card is amazing!” –Desmond Johnson ~ Atlanta, Georgia


“Dante!” –Billy Brake ~ Dallas, Texas


Batteryman 9-Volt.” –Dale Bellido ~ Toronto, Ontario


Re-Cover.” –Eric Dalton ~ Oshawa, Ontario


El Shaddoll Winda.” –Bo Tang ~ Toronto, Ontario


Cloudcastle.” –Iesha Rae Robinson ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan


Some of the picks here were really cool.  Yes, Shaddols and Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss are awesome, but The Monarchs Stormforth’s been a big underdog hit all weekend long so far, and Duelist Alliance is full of cool little cards like Cloudcastle and Re-Cover.  If you’re not familiar with those cards because you’ve been focusing on the big new themes, give Duelist Alliance another look!  There’s lot of highlights that might escape your notice at first glance.