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Round 4 Feature Match: Aaron Chase Furman Versus Dale Bellido

September 6th, 2014

Two rounds ago we highlighted the return of two-time YCS winner Billy Brake, who now holds a 3-0 record headed into Round 4!  But Brake isn’t the only legend of the game making a comeback here this weekend, because a Toronto classic has come out of retirement to rep his home turf – Toronto’s own Dale Bellido is back, piloting Shaddolls.


But his opponent is one of the most successful Duelists of the year, Aaron Chase Furman!  Swift to innovate in the post-Duelist Alliance environment, the New Jersey Duelist is sticking with the Satellarknight strategy that’s done so well for him over the past weeks, including what may be his signature – Battleguard Howling.


Bellido opened the Match with a hand of Dark Armed Dragon; Allure of Darkness; Shaddoll Hedgehog; Shaddoll Falco; and Super Polymerization.  Allure got him Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and another Hedgehog; he banished the extra Hedgehog to complete Allure’s effect, then Set Hedgehog and Super Polymerization.


Pot of Duality got Furman Reinforcement of the Army, which in turn let him search Satellarknight Deneb from his Deck.  Deneb got him Satellarknight Altair, and  Furman attacked with Deneb, destroying Bellido’s Hedgehog and letting him seek out Shaddoll Fusion from his Deck.  Furman Set three cards to his backrow.


Bellido drew Sinister Shadow Games and Set it, then Set Falco.


Furman considered Setting a fourth card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, then decided not to, Summoning Satellarknight Vega with no effect instead.  He overlaid it with Deneb to Xyz Summon Diamond Dire Wolf.  He activated its effect, targeting itself and Bellido’s Super Polymerization, destroying both.  He flipped Call of the Haunted targeting Vega, and Bellido Chained Sinister Shadow Games.  When the Chain resolved Bellido sent Shaddoll Squamata to his Graveyard, Vega was revived, and Bellido opted not to flip Falco.  On the next Chain Bellido used Squamata to send Shaddoll Dragon to the Graveyard, triggering its effect, and Furman Special Summoned Altair with Vega’s ability.  Bellido used Dragon’s effect on the last Chain to destroy Furman’s Set Battleguard Howling, and Altair’s ability resolved to Special Summon back Deneb for Furman.  Its ability got Furman another Altair.




Furman attacked with Altair, destroying Falco and triggering its effect. Bellido revived Hedgehog in face-down Defense Position, Furman ran it over with Vega, and Bellido got Shaddoll Fusion from his Deck with Hedgehog’s ability.  Furman Set a second Spell or Trap Card to end.


Bellido drew Sinister Shadow Games.  He toyed with Setting it for a moment, returned it to his hand, and considered his options.  He Set Sinister Shadow and one of his two Shaddoll Fusions.


Furman revealed revealed Vanity’s Emptiness, Breakthrough Skill, and Solemn Warning with Pot of Duality next turn; he took the Warning and shuffled the rest back.  He shifted Satellarknight Deneb to attack mode, struck with it for 1500 Battle Damage, and dished out 1200 more with an attack from Vega.  He attacked with Altair last for 1700 Battle Damage and Bellido was down to 3600 Life Points.  He Set a third Spell or Trap.  Bellido flipped Sinister Shadow in the End Phase for Shaddoll Falco, triggering its effect and reviving Falco in face-down Defense.


Bellido drew Super Polymerization and Flip Summoned Falco.  “Target?” asked Furman.


“Yeah, none of these are good against you.”  Bellido eventually decided to target Shaddoll Dragon, and Furman shut it down by sending Satellarknight Deneb to his Graveyard for Stellarnova Alpha, negating the effect and destroying Falco.  Bellido Set a third card to his backrow – the second Fusion.


Furman attacked with both Satellarknights to knock Bellido down to 700 Life Points, then finished the game with Gagaga Cowboy for 800 burn damage!




Aaron Chase Furman takes the first Duel with authority, after a string of Chained exchanges leave him on top and in control of Game 1!  Another win like that would be a feather in the cap of Dueling career, and a swift blow to the Day 1 record of Dale Bellido!


“How did I lose that game,” wondered Bellido, aloud.  “That hand was disgusting.”  He quickly sided and shuffled up for Game 2.  Bellido opted to go first.


Bellido had Shaddoll Squamata; Shaddoll Fusion; Shaddoll Dragon; Ice Hand; and Sinister Shadow Games.  He Set Sinister Shadow and Summoned Dragon.


Furman fired back with Satellarknight Deneb, searching Satellarknight Altair from his Deck.  He Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.  “End Turn.”  Bellido responded with Sinister Shadow Games, sending Shaddoll Squamata to his Graveyard to yard another Dragon.  The Dragon’s effect let him destroy Furman’s Set Wiretap.


Bellido drew Eclipse Wyvern.  He activated Shaddoll Fusion and fused his on-field Shaddoll Dragon with the Wyvern to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct.  Bellido made a Chain with Wyvern’s effect as Chain Link 1, El Shaddoll Construct’s effect as Chain Link 2, and Dragon’s effect as Chain Link 3.  Dragon’s ability resolved to destroy Furman’s Set Mystical Space Typhoon, sent Shaddoll Beast to his graveyard with Construct… and found no valid monster to banish with Eclipse Wyvern!  Ouch.  He drew Mathematician off Beast’s effect and Summoned it, kicking Shaddoll Falco to his Graveyard to revive Falco face-down.  He attacked Furman, dropping him to 5200 Life Points.


Furman was up, activating Reinforcement of the Army to get Satellarknight Vega from his Deck.  He Summoned it, to Special Summon Satellarknight Unukalhai from his hand, triggering its effect to send Satellarknight Altair from his Deck to his Graveyard.  Furman then overlaid for Castel, the Skyblaster Muskeeter, and played Soul Charge to bring back Altair, Vega, and Unukalhai.  Altair brought back Deneb, which searched him another Altair!




Furman made another Castel to send Mathematician back to Bellido’s Deck, then used his last two Satellarknights to Xyz Summon Number 106: Giant Hand in Defense Position!  His priority here was to keep Bellido from seeing more cards, and keep him from resolving effects that might let him kick out of the horrendous position Furman had now maneuvered him into.


Bellido drew Shaddoll Hedgehog and spent some time considering his options, or lack thereof.  Bellido Summoned Ice Hand, attacked desperately into Castel, and when Furman bounced Bellido’s Set monster with Compulsory Evacuation Device Ice Hand had nothing left to destroy with its effect.  That meant no Fire Hand, and it was all over a turn later when Furman turned his Giant Hand to Attack Position and Summoned another Altair!




Dale Bellido extends the handshake, as Aaron Chase Furman takes Round 4 in a 2-0 sweep!