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Top 4 Feature Match: Sean McCabe Versus Ruo Chen Mo

September 8th, 2014

Sean McCabe is in the Top 4!  We’ve already seen Ruo Chen Mo’s impressive skills in Feature Match action this weekend, but now two of our featured Duelists are duking it out for a guaranteed copy of the new Championship Prize Card, Ascension Sky Dragon!  The winner here would be headed to the Finals, and would at the very least head home with a Super Rare Prize Card.  They’d also have a shot at an Ultra Rare Sky Dragon plus the glory of the title of Champion.


McCabe won the roll and opted to go second.  He kept his hand of Victory Viper XX03; Diskblade Rider; Typhoon; Pyramid of Wonders; and Swords of Concealing Light.  Mo kept his hand as well and we were off!


Mo Summoned Jerry Beans Man to get thing started, and equipped it with 7 Completed.  He Set a Spell or Trap Card.


McCabe drew Knight Day Grepher and Summoned Victory Viper XX03.  He activated Swords of Concealing Light to flip down Jerry Beans Man, destroying 7 Completed in the process.  He attacked to destroy Jerry Beans Man next, then Special Summoned an Option Token.  He moved to Main Phase 2 and activated Pyramid of Wonders, then Set Typhoon.


Mo Summoned Lion Alligator and Set a second Spell or Trap Card to his back row.  McCabe flipped Typhoon to try and destroy it, not realizing it could only destroy face-up cards.  It went back face-down off the improper activation.


McCabe drew Shadow Spell and Summoned Knight Day Grepher.  He sent it to attack Lion Alligator, Mo flipped Intrigue Shield, and this time McCabe used Typhoon properly to take it off the field.  Lion Alligator went down and McCabe attacked with Victory Viper and the Option Token for a combined total of 2400 damage.  He Set another Spell or Trap.


Mo Set another Spell or Trap as well, putting his back row at three.


McCabe drew and Summoned Card Guard, swinging for 4300 Battle Damage.  Mo had just 100 Life Points left!  He drew to one in hand next turn with three cards in his Spell and Trap Card Zone and offered the handshake moments later.




Another crushing victory for Sean McCabe, as a slight mishap with Typhoon fails to stall the unstoppable locomotive that is McCabe’s momentum in this tournament!  One more win would see McCabe in the Finals: Mo would have to work extremely hard if he was going to pull this one out of the fire.


Mo opted to go second.  McCabe had a hand of Fighting Spirit; Shocktopus; Chiron the Mage; Swords of Concealing Light; and Telekinetic Shocker.  Both Duelists drew five new cards with their Extra Draw, and McCabe’s new hand was Spined Gillman; Stamping Destruction; Cross-Sword Beetle; Pollinosis; and No Entry!!  He Summoned the Beetle, Set his two traps and ended.


Mo Summoned Lion Alligator and Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


McCabe drew Fighting Spirit and used Stamping Destruction to blindly target Mo’s Set Miracle Locus, destroying it.  Sean McCabe Summoned Spined Gillman, quickly becoming one of his signature cards in this portion of the tournament!  He activated Fighting Spirit, equipping it to Gillman to ensure it would stick around to share the ATK bonus of its effect, and attacked Lion Alligator: Mo flipped Windstorm of Etaqua to shift Gillman and Beetle to Defense Position, repelling the attack but bleeding a card in the process.


Mo attacked Cross-Sword Beetle with Lion Alligator, and McCabe flipped No Entry!! to stop the attack, similar to Mo’s Windstorm move last turn.  Mo activated Cursed Armaments on the Beetle, then Set one more backrow card.


McCabe drew Victory Viper XX03 and Summoned it, sending it to attack Lion Alligator.  The Alligator went down, McCabe Special Summoned an Option Token with 2000 ATK, made a direct attack with it, and when he attacked with Spined Gillman Mo blasted Fighting Spirit off of it with Typhoon.  Cross-Sword Beetle attacked next, and Mo responded with Miracle’s Wake – McCabe Chained Pollinosis, Tributing his Option Token to negate it, and Mo was conceding the moment he saw his next draw!




Can anything stop Sean McCabe?!  This is his third 2-0 victory in the Draft portion of the tournament, and only one Match remains! Could he make a clean sweep for his first-ever Championship win, or will this be another almost-ran experience for the repeat YCS Finalist?  We’ll find out in mere minutes!