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Top 8 Feature Match: Sean McCabe Versus Mario Angelo De Micco

September 7th, 2014

So far we’ve followed Sean McCabe’s full drafting process in our Draft Along feature, and his brutal 2-0 victory over Desmond Johnson in the Top 16!  We’ve seen McCabe’s Deck and we know he drafted a strong card pool… but is it strong enough to win a Championship?


McCabe won the roll and opted to go second.  He had Blast With Chain; Pollinosis; Diskblade Rider; Miracle’s Wake; and Typhoon.  He opted to take his Extra Draw, and traded his five cards for a new hand of Shocktopus; Gale Lizard; Pyramid of Wonders; and two Swords of Concealing Light.  De Micco also opted to trade out his hand.  Neither Duelist would be able to change out their hands again for the duration of this Match.


De Micco started things off with Machine Assembly Line, and he Summoned Flame Tiger.  A Set Spell or Trap Card ended his turn.


McCabe drew Diskblade Rider and Summoned it, following up with Pyramid of Wonders, boosting the Rider to 2100 ATK.  McCabe attacked the Flame Tiger (it had 2000 ATK), and De Micco couldn’t save it, but he did have Telepathic Power to destroy the Rider and gain 2100 Life Points!  Could he afford those kinds of trades of card presence for Life Points over the long term?  McCabe Set Swords.


De Micco Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


McCabe drew another Swords of Concealing Light and Summoned Shocktopus at 1800 ATK, getting in for a quick direct attack to drop De Micco to 8200 Life Points.


De Micco drew to three cards in hand with one Set in his back row and Assembly Line face-up.  McCabe had three cards in hand, Swords Set, and Shocktopus face-up.  De Micco Summoned Koa’ki Meiru Doom, then equipped it with Cestus of Dagla to attack over Shocktopus, destroying it: Doom had 2400 ATK to Shocktopus’ 2000, but Doom lost those Attack Points when Shocktopus tentacled itself onto Doom’s face with its effect.  De Micco revealed Submarineroid to keep his Koa’ki Meiru on the field.


McCabe drew Fighting Spirit and Summoned Gale Lizard.  He flipped Fighting Spirit to boost the Lizard to 2100 ATK, attacked to destroy Doom, and De Micco lost his Cestus.  He added another two Junk Counters to his Assembly Line.


De Micco gave up his normal draw to Special Summon Flame Tiger from his Graveyard with the Tiger’s effect, then equipped the Tiger with Noble Arms – Caliburn.  He sent the Tiger to attack over Gale Lizard with a 400 ATK advantage, and McCabe sent Fighting Spirit to the Graveyard to keep Lizard around.


McCabe drew Rhinotaurus next and activated his Set Swords of Concealing Light.  That destroyed De Micco’s Caliburn, and McCabe Summoned Rhinotaurus.  He took out the face-down Tiger with Gale Lizard, then made a direct attack with Rinotaurus.



De Micco was down to 4400 Life Points to McCabe’s 7100.  He Set a monster as his only move.


McCabe drew and Summoned Knight Day Grepher.  He attacked with it, destroying De Micco’s Set Seed of Flame and clearing the way for direct attacks from Gale Lizard and Rhinotaurus.  De Micco had just 800 Life Points left!


De Micco used his Assembly Line to revive Koa’ki Meiru Doom, armed it with Caliburn, and revealed Submarineroid to keep it around.  But it wasn’t enough!  McCabe drew his third Swords of Concealing Light, flipped the second copy he’d Set, and that softened up Doom enough to blow it off the field so McCabe could close the game!




Sean McCabe wins the first Duel, seemingly in control of the entire grinding affair from the get-go!  He was now just one win away from the Top 4.


De Micco chose to go second and McCabe had a hand of Shadow Spell; Gale Lizard; Shocktopus; Telekinetic Shocker; and Silent Psychic Wizard.  He Set Shocktopus and Shadow Spell.


De Micco Summoned Dodger Dragon and activated Machine Assembly Line, then attacked to push Shocktopus into the Graveyard, then McCabe’s back row.  De Micco Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


McCabe drew Swords of Concealing Light and Summoned Telekinetic Shocker.  He attacked, destroying Dodger Dragon and his own Shocktopus.  He Set Swords.


De Micco drew and shook his head, seemingly starved for monsters.  He used Assembly Line to revive Dodger Dragon, then attacked Telekinetic Shocker: McCabe moved to the Damage Step, flipped Shadow Spell, and Dodger Dragon was destroyed in battle.  De Micco Summoned Tardy Orc in Main Phase 2.


McCabe drew Miracle’s Wake and Summoned Psychic Wizard, banishing his Shocktopus.  He activated Swords of Concealing Light to turn the Orc face-down, then attacked to destroy it with Telekinetic Shocker.  He then made a direct attack with Psychic Wizard and Set Miracle’s Wake to finish out.


De Micco Summoned Gyroid and ended.


McCabe drew Spined Gillman!  He Summoned it immediately to boost all of his monsters by 400 ATK, then attacked Gyroid with Telekinetic Shocker.  De Micco responded with Mask of Weakness, but it wasn’t enough to destroy Telekinetic Shocker even at its reduced 1400 ATK.  McCabe attacked with Psychic Wizard, De Micco fended it off with Enemy Controller, and when McCabe attacked with Gillman De Micco flipped Unbreakable Spirit to keep Gyroid alive and take the Gillman down!  He was barely hanging in.


De Micco drew to two cards in hand and Set a monster, then Set his last card to his back row.


McCabe drew Pyramid of Wonders and Summoned Gale Lizard, then activated the Pyramid!  Gale Lizard and Telekinetic Shocker destroyed Gyroid in battle, leaving Psychic Wizard to destroy De Micco’s Set Submarineroid.  De Micco was conceding a turn later as his final normal draw of the tournament offered no chance at a comeback!




Sean McCabe takes another 2-0 victory, smashing his way into the Top 4!  This could be the day that Sean McCabe finally captures his first Championship!