Top Table Update: Round 5

September 6th, 2014

Four Rounds are in the record books here in Day 1, and with eight Rounds of Swiss competition today plus two more tomorrow, our Saturday’s officially half over!


As the tournament continues the players with the best records are sorted closer and closer to lower table numbers, with undefeated Duelists creeping toward the coveted seats at Table 1; the higher your ranking, the lower your table.  With just a few rounds remaining it’s a great time to look at those top tables and see what the competitors with the best records are playing – it’s like a snapshot of YCS success, and it’s a great way to get a feel for the shape of the tournament.


Here’s a table by table breakdown of what’s going on here in Round 5…


Table 1:

Patrick Hoban with Shaddolls


Alexander Reynolds with Shaddolls


Table 2:

Mohammad Chughtal with Satellarknights


Daniel Nguyen with Burning Abyss


Table 3:

Tej Trivedi with Shaddolls


Tahmid Zaman with Shaddolls


Table 4:

Mathieu Lortie Parent with Shaddolls


Aaron Noel with Burning Abyss


Table 5:

Sean Coovert with Burning Abyss


Yannick Lafontaine with Burning Abyss


Table 6:

Mario Angelo De Micco with Shaddolls


Robert Ludwig with Bujins


Table 7:

Aaron Chase Furman with Satellarknights


Ali Yassine with Shaddolls


Table 8:

Shoaib Ikram with Hieratics


Tom Morran with Burning Abyss


Table 9:

Claude Stevens Doiron with Shaddolls


Richard Adam Piper with Satellarknights



Table 10:

Robert Martin with Shaddolls


Yuhang Li with Fire Kings


Shaddolls are clearly the most popular and successful strategy in the tournament thus far, but Burning Abyss is following hot on their heels – no pun intended.  Here’s the breakdown.


Shaddolls: 9

Burning Abyss: 5

Satellarknights: 3

Bujins: 1

Hieratics: 1

Fire Kings: 1


Shaddolls, Burning Abyss, and Satellarknights were certainly the top three most-expected strategies headed into this event, but with big Regional Qualifier showings from Satellarknights in the first round of North American Regionals two weeks ago, it’s a bit of a surprise that Burning Abyss seems to be outpacing them here in Day 1.  It’s not just a small discrepancy in numbers, either: all over this tournament we’ve watched Satellarknights taking losses and Burning Abyss taking wins.  It’s still early in the tournament, but we could see Satellarknights take a serious backseat if this trend continues.


Meanwhile a number of somewhat surprising rogue Decks are hanging tough too!  Fire Kings, Bujins, and Hieratics are all undefeated, powered along by a strong surprise factor and a lack of Side Decked silver bullets.  Can those decks keep scoring results?  It’s a tough call, and we’ll have to see our next Top Table Update to find out.