Top Table Update: Round 6

September 6th, 2014

Welcome to Round 6!  Last Round nearly half of the top-ranked players at Tables 1 through 10 were running Shaddolls, chased by Burning Abyss Duelists and trailed by Satellarkngihts!  Let’s see what the field looks like one Round later…

Table 1:

Claud Dorion with Shaddolls


Victor Li with Fire Kings


Table 2:

Tej Trivedi with Shaddolls


Jordan Winters with Burning Abyss


Table 3:

Aaron Chase Furman with Satellarknights


Sean McCabe with Satellarknights


Table 4:

Manpreet Rattan with Shaddolls


Aaron Noel with Burning Abyss


Table 5:

Billy Brake with Burning Abyss


Giulio Navarrol with Satellarknights


Table 6:

Sean Coovert with Burning Abyss


Mario DeMicro with Shaddolls


Table 7:

Patrick Hoban with Shaddolls


Rob Cedar with Shaddolls


Table 8:

Ruo Chen Mo with Shaddolls


Thomas Morran with Burning Abyss


Table 9:

Alex Keeler with Satellarknights


Mohammad Chughtal with Satellarknights


Table 10:

David Everett with Burning Abyss


Arthur Keys Barrett with Burning Abyss


Satellarknights are hanging in, but the gap may be closing between Shaddolls and Burning Abyss!  Meanwhile a quick glance at the top tables from Table 11 and beyond revealed that the rogue Decks are dropping like flies, with Fire Kings the one surprising strategy left.  Check out the numbers!


Shaddolls: 7

Burning Abyss: 7

Satellarknights: 5

Kings: 1


No more Bujins and Hieratics here, but Satellarknights appear to be doing a bit better after last Round’s competition.  What’s unclear right now is the variety between builds of the three top Decks: at present, we don’t know how many Shaddoll decks are playing Artifacts; how many Satellarknights are playing big monster lineups versus small ones; nor what support monsters and discard-costed cards each Burning Abyss Deck is running, or whether they’re playing Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force (not every Burning Abyss Duelist wound up playing it this weekend).


Will we see more rogue decks breaking into the top tables?  We still have four more Rounds of Swiss competition, so it’s still a possibility.  But right now in this moment it really does seem like the Big Three from Duelist Alliance are dominating the weekend.