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QQ: What Deck Are You Playing?

October 4th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With Duelist Alliance bringing so many new strategies into the fold and revamping so many others, the biggest question facing anyone competing in this weekend’s main event was one of the most basic: “What to play?”  We hit the tournament floor the morning of Day 1 to ask Duelists from all walks of life what Deck they chose to compete with, here at YCS Dallas!


“Artifact-Shaddoll.” -Chris LeBlanc ~ Boston, Massachusetts



“Burning Abyss.” -Galo Orbea ~ Quito, Ecuador



“Burning Abyss.” -Devin Sea ~ College Station, Texas



“Shaddoll Prophecy.” -Rene Tarcies ~ Springfield, Missouri



“Gravekeepers.” -Levi Steffen ~ Hesperia, California



“Satellarknight.” -Sherwin Larhmani ~ Plano, Texas



“Satellarknight.” -Azad Deihim ~ Boston, Massachusetts



“Satellarknights.” -Samantha Mbodwam ~ Garden Grove, California



Shaddolls have had the most tournament success out of the archetypes released from Duelist Alliance thus far, and every kind of variant is popping up! We’ve seen Artifacts, Dragons, Lightsworn, Prophecy, Burning Abyss, and just about everything else you can think of mixed in. Burning Abyss is also greatly represented today, but with everyone taking their own twist on that as well. Satellarknight is the one mainstay that does not seem to have too much variation, either playing Artifacts or not playing Artifacts.


Which Deck will reign supreme? We’ll find out as YCS Dallas draws to a conclusion!