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QQ: Your Favorite Card Out of Duelist Alliance?

October 5th, 2014

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The Duelist Alliance Booster Pack didn’t just unleash new Deck themes, but it also introduced tons of individual cards that are seeing tournament play – some tied to named themes, and some that stand entirely on their own!  With the set still relatively new, we asked players to shout out their favorite card from DUEA.


Sinister Shadow Games.” -Chris LeBlanc ~ Boston, Massachusetts



Magical Spring.” -Galo Orbea, ~ Quito, Ecuador



“The Stellarknight Xyz, Delteros!” -Devin Sea ~ College Station, Texas



“Winda.” -Rene Turcies ~ Springfield, Missouri



The Monarchs Stormforth.” -Levi Steffen ~ Hesperia, California



El Shaddoll Winda.” -Sherwin Larhmani ~ Plano, Texas



Batteryman 9-Volt” -Azad Deihim ~ Boston, Massachusetts



El Shaddoll Winda.” -Samantha Mbodwam ~ Garden Grove, California



With Shaddoll cards filling the list, it makes a lot of sense why its one of the most popular choices among Duelists here. Beyond that, The Monarchs Stormforth is seeing a lot more play than it has recently as a Side Deck option against both Shaddoll and Burning Abyss, allowing Duelist to take full advantage of tribute monsters without losing out on too much in the process. Batteryman 9-Volt is also a huge player in for the Batteryman Deck that has been popping up here and there, with The Monarch Stormforth also seeing inclusion in that strategy. If you’re not familiar with those cards because you’ve been focusing on the big new themes, give Duelist Alliance another look!  There’s lot of highlights that might escape your notice at first glance.