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Round 1 Feature Match: Billy Brake versus Christopher Hernandez

November 23rd, 2014

Billy Brake is fresh off his championship victory in YCS Dallas, and he’s looking for a back-to-back win! He’s using Shaddolls today. His first round opponent is Christopher Hernande playing Qliphorts. These are two of the Decks with the biggest expectations this weekend. Will this Match be a preview of Day 2?

Duel 1

Brake started the tournament off with a hand of Shaddoll Beast, Call of the Haunted, Mystical Space Typhoon, Mathematician, and Artifact Moralltach. He played Mathematician, sending Shaddoll Squamata to the Graveyard, and Squamata sent Shaddoll Falco to the Graveyard. Falco’s effect activated, bringing itself back to the field. Brake Set Call, Typhoon, and Artifact Moralltach.

Hernandez played Qliphort Scout to his Pendulum Zone, using its effect to add Qliphort Carrier to his hand. He Normal Summoned Carrier, and Brake used Mystical Space Typhoon on his own Artifact Moralltach. Moralltach Special Summoned itself and destroyed Carrier. Hernandez played Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Set three back row cards. He used Odd-Eyes’s effect to search out another Qliphort Scout in the End Phase.

Brake drew Artifact Moralltach. He Flip Summoned Falco, and Hernandez used Skill Drain! Brake Tributed Falco to Normal Summon Shaddoll Beast. He moved to the Battle Phase, and Shaddoll Beast was bounced away by Compulsory Evacuation Device. Mathematician and Moralltach attacked directly. Still in the Battle Phase, Brake used Call of the Haunted, but Hernandez destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon. Brake Set Moralltach to finish.

Hernandez Set a back row card. He used Qliphort Scout to search out Qliphort Disk, dropping to 1800 Life Points. Hernandez played Disk to his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Qliphort Carrier! Carrier destroyed Moralltach in battle, then Hernandez Set another back row card.

Brake drew his third Moralltach! That’s rough. He sent his Mathematician to be destroyed by Carrier, drawing Super Polymerization. He Set his Moralltach, then lost both Moralltachs to a pair of Dust Tornado!

Hernandez attacked directly.IMG_1773

Brake drew Sinister Shadow Games and Set it, along with Super Polymerization.

Hernandez used Pot of Duality, getting Book of Moon. Carrier attacked, then Hernandez Set two back row cards. Brake flipped Sinister Shadow Games, sending Shaddoll Hedgehog to the Graveyard. That let him get Shaddoll Dragon to his hand.

Brake drew Mathematician. He Set Dragon.

Hernandez Pendulum Summoned Qliphort Scout from his hand in Defense Position. Carrier attacked, and Brake flipped Super Polymerization. He discarded Shaddoll Beast, fusing Carrier with Shaddoll Dragon for El Shaddoll Shekhinaga! Shaddoll Dragon’s effect destroyed Skill Drain! Hernandez had no other plays, and passed.

Brake drew Shaddoll Hedgehog. He Normal Summoned Mathematician, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer to the Graveyard. It was Special Summoned, but Hernandez cut it off by turning it face-down with Book of Moon.

Hernandez flipped up Raigeki, and Brake picked up his cards!

Christopher Hernandez takes the first game after controlling heavily with Skill Drain!

Duel 2

Brake began this time with Fairy Wind, Twister, Call of the Haunted, and 2 Mathematicians. He played a Mathematician, sending Shaddoll Squamata to the Graveyard, which sent Shaddoll Falco. Falco went to the field face-down, and Brake Set all of his Spell and Trap Cards.

Hernandez used Pot of Duality, revealing Denko Sekka, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and Compulsory Evacuation Device. He took Denko Sekka and played it. Summoner’s Art was next, getting Qliphort Scout. He played that next, and used it to get Qliphort Disk. Denko Sekka destroyed Mathematician, and Brake drew Shaddoll Dragon.

Brake drew another Fairy Wind. He played his other Mathematician, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer. Felis came back to the field, and she destroyed Denko Sekka, sending El Shaddoll Fusion, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Shaddoll Beast to the Graveyard. Shaddoll Beast let Brake draw another Shaddoll Beast. Falco flipped up, reviving Beast face-down. Mathematician and Falco attacked directly.


Hernandez used Qliphort Scout, and Brake Chained Twister. Hernandez played Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the Pendulum Zone, then Normal Summoned Qliphort Disk. He attacked Falco, then used Forbidden Chalice on Disk to negate its effect, returning it to its full power! He Set three back row cards. In the End Phase, Odd-Eyes gave him Qliphort Scout.

Brake drew Sinister Shadow Games. He flipped Beast, drawing Bottomless Trap Hole and Super Polymerization, discarding Shaddoll Dragon. He targeted a face-down with Dragon’s effect, and Hernandez Chained it: Trap Stun. Brake Chained Call of the Haunted, and Hernandez Chained another Trap Stun! Brake played Super Polymerization, fusing his Beast with Hernandez’s Qliphort Disk to bring forth El Shaddoll Shekhinaga! Mathematician and Shekhinaga attacked directly, and Hernandez conceded!

Brake evens the score with a clutch Super Polymerization play! This final Duel will give the winner a great lead in today’s tournament.

Duel 3

Hernandez used Summoner’s Art, getting Qliphort Scout. He played that, getting Saqlifice. Pot of Duality was next, revealing Performapal Trampolynx, Qliphort Helix, and Odd-Eyes – he took Trampolynx. He played an Odd-Eyes, then Normal Summoned Carrier. He equipped it with Saqlifice and Set a back row card. In the End Phase, Odd-Eyes searched for another Qliphort Scout.

Brake had Shaddoll Beast, Fairy Wind, Bottomless Trap Hole, Raigeki, Call of the Haunted, and Twister. He played Raigeki, and Hernandez added Qliphort Scout to his hand. He Set everything he could to his back row, losing Twister in the End Phase to Mystical Space Typhoon.

Hernandez used Qliphort Scout to get Qliphort Disk. He played Trampolynx, Pendulum Summoned Qliphort Disk, and Brake used Bottomless Trap Hole. Hernandez paid 800 for Scout, and Brake Chained Fairy Wind. Hernandez played his second Scout and searched for Qliphort Shell. He Normal Summoned Shell and attacked directly, with Forbidden Chalice negating Shell’s effect. Both Duelists had 4200 Life Points.

Brake drew Sinister Shadow Games and Set it.

Hernandez used Scout to add Carrier to his hand. He played it in the Pendulum Zone, and Brake flipped Sinister Shadow Games, sending Shaddoll Dragon to the Graveyard to destroy Carrier. Hernandez Normal Summoned Helix. Shell attacked, and when Helix attacked Brake saved himself with Call of the Haunted! He revived Shaddoll Dragon, and its 1900 ATK blocked Helix.

Brake drew another Call of the Haunted. Dragon destroyed Helix in battle, and he Tributed Dragon to Set Shaddoll Beast. He Set Call of the Haunted.

Hernandez put Disk in the Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Shell, Carrier, and Helix! Helix destroyed Beast, but Beast’s effect didn’t give Brake anything useful! Brake’s Call of the Haunted wouldn’t do enough to save him, and the rest of Hernandez’s Qliphorts finished Brake off!

Christopher Hernandez is the victor, with Qliphorts!